What kind of pickup is the Telecaster neck?

Smaller than a Stratocaster pickup, the stock Tele neck pickup sports a closed metal cover and is usually installed with two wood screws that tap right into the body underneath the pickguard. Few players really love the Tele neck pickup. Why is this?

What pickups fit in a Telecaster?

10 best Telecaster neck pickups

  • Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele.
  • McNelly T-Bar.
  • Vintage Vibe VT-N-BL.
  • TV Jones Starwood Tele Neck.
  • Kinman AVn-48n (Gen-2)
  • Lollar Tele ’52 Neck.
  • DiMarzio Twang King Neck.
  • Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound STR-3.

Why is a Telecaster neck pickup covered?

Judged by its cover The same is true for Tele neck pickups, where the cover also rolls back some of the treble response and perceived loudness. In a sense, this compounds the issues caused by the Tele neck’s small and squat coil shape – namely woolly and soft tone.

Can you put a Strat neck pickup in a Tele?

As you probably know, you can’t simply put a Stratocaster bridge pickup into a standard Telecaster bridge because of the different mounting systems and sizes. A Tele bridge pickup usually has three mounting holes, while Strat pickups have only two.

What pickups does brad paisley use?

Brad Paisley has teamed up with Seymour Duncan on a new electric guitar pickup design, the Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Set. The La Brea’s bridge pickup features alnico IV rod magnets, vintage-correct cloth push-back wire, a vintage output of 7.44k and grey forbon flatwork.

Can a Tele sound like a Les Paul?

You can make a Telecaster sound more like a Les Paul, to some extent. It’s not possible to completely recreate a Les Paul’s tone with a Tele, but you can do several things to make your Tele sound thicker, warmer and fuller.

What is easier to play Telecaster or Stratocaster?

Telecaster is much more versatile, whereas Stratocaster offers a broader palette of tones. Telecaster is easier to play and tune, whereas Stratocaster is more comfortable to hold. Telecaster has one piece that extends right below the bridge pickup, whereas the Stratocaster bridge that has a two-point tremolo system.

What humbucker to use with a Telecaster?

One of my personal choices is a P-90 soapbar pickup, but you can also use a P-94 in standard humbucker size. A P-90 looks great on a Telecaster, and its fat single-coil tone is very versatile. An outstanding combination is an Esquire/Nocaster/Broadcaster-style bridge pickup plus a P-90 at the neck.

What is the best Telecaster neck pickup to buy?

10 best Telecaster neck pickups. 1 Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele. Fender’s own solution to getting Strat-like clarity from a Telecaster neck pickup involves a taller bobbin, alnico V 2 McNelly T-Bar. 3 Vintage Vibe VT-N-BL. 4 TV Jones Starwood Tele Neck. 5 Kinman AVn-48n (Gen-2)

Will a Les Paul neck humbucker sound good on a Telecaster?

Just be aware that if you hear how a neck humbucker sounds in a Les Paul, it’s likely to sound significantly brighter in a Telecaster, due to the different construction, woods used and scale length.

Are there any mini humbuckers available?

At Seymour Duncan we have several mini humbuckers, for any level of desired output. The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Tele from Fender comes stock with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker at the neck.