What language is Sul Tasto?

Meaning ‘on the touch’ in Italian, Sul Tasto is a technique that requires the bow to be used over the end of the fingerboard, creating a more mellow tone.

What is Sul in music?

Qualifier to musical directives meaning “at” or “over” or “on the” or “near the”. This is used in terms such as Sul Tasto – “at the fingerboard”; Sul Ponticello – “at the bridge”; sulla corda La – “on the A string”; Sul G – “on the G string”; and sulla tastiera – “at the fingerboard”.

Is Flautando the same as Sul Tasto?

Sul tasto means on the fingerboard, the string is bowed over the fingerboard near the end. Flautando (it.) (engl. ‘flute-like’), instruction to a stringed instrument to bow over the fingerboard to produce a flute-like tone.

What is the opposite of Sul Tasto?

The opposite of sul tasto must be sul ponticello. When exploring sul ponticello vs. sul tasto, the sounds could not be more contrasting! Sul ponticello is when the bow is dragged directly over the bridge, slightly over the bridge, or just touching the bridge.

What does Tasto mean in music?

The term tasto is Italian for key (as Italian “tastiera” is for fingerboard), so the part is to be played solo by the fingerboard instrument (e.g. cello) and not by the harmony instrument (e.g. harpsichord) where a basso continuo line is played by more than one instrument.

What is Sul Pont?

Sul pont – (sul ponticello) on the bridge – a direction to string players to bow near the bridge, producing a mysterious metallic effect.

What does the term col legno mean?

with the wood
Definition of col legno : with the wood —used as a direction in music to players of bowed instruments to use the wood and not the hair of the bow in playing.

What is Tasto guitar?

The musical terms are sul tasto (at the fingerboard) or dolce (sweet). For guitarists, this means to pluck the strings over the sound hole or over the fretboard.

What does Tasto mean in guitar?

What is the meaning of sul tasto?

Definition of sul tasto. : with the bow kept over the fingerboard so as to produce a soft thin tone —used as a direction in music for a stringed instrument.

What is sul tasto bowing?

Sul tasto – “on the touch” – a direction to string players to bow over the fingerboard producing a warmer, mellower sound. SUL TASTO bowing for Violin – Professional Guide – Violin Tips and Techniques.

What does Muta mean in Italian?

Note: muta comes from the Italian verb mutare (to change); therefore it does not mean “mute”, for which con sordina or con sordino is used. Literally “more and more” with an increasing feeling.