What masters can I do with Criminology degree?

51 Master Degrees in Criminology 2022

  • MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology. Featured.
  • MA in Criminology and Social Policy.
  • MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • MA Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • Master in Criminology.
  • MSc Cybercrime.
  • Master in Neurocriminology of Aggressive Behavior.
  • Master of Arts in Global Criminology.

Is a master’s degree in Criminology worth it?

Nearly Automatic Increase in Pay One of the biggest reasons professionals in criminal justice say “yes!” to “is a criminology degree worth it?” after years working in the field is increasing their chances of receiving higher compensation.

What is the best state to study Criminology?

Here are the best criminology masters programs

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey–Newark Newark, NJ #7 in Criminology (tie) Save 3.9
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI #9 in Criminology Save 3.8
George Mason University Fairfax, VA #10 in Criminology Save 3.7

What college has the best Criminology program?

Top Colleges for Criminology The University of California-Irvine is a top option for students who want to study Criminology. Students can earn up to a Post masters certificate at the school. The University of California-Irvine awards around 411 Bachelors degrees to those majoring in Criminology per year.

Can you join the FBI with a criminology degree?

Applicants with degrees in criminology, criminal justice or psychology will certainly have an advantage with law enforcement expertise, but they may have a tougher time getting selected for Special Agent positions than candidates with specialized skill sets.

Is criminology a competitive major?

Criminology is ranked 66th in popularity out of a total of 384 college majors analyzed by College Factual. It is an uncommon major with only 8,717 graduations per year. Men make up 41% of the student body while 59% of Criminology students are women.

Where can a degree in criminology take you?

A criminology degree gives you a foundation that you can use to pursue many career paths in law enforcement, science or medical fields….9 interesting criminology degree jobs

  • Police detective.
  • Correctional officer.
  • Forensic scientist.
  • Crime scene technician.
  • Private investigator.
  • Crime analyst.
  • Lecturer.