What metal is bluish-white?

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What element has a atomic number of 76?

Osmium – Element information, properties and uses | Periodic Table.

What is osmium used for?

It has been used chiefly as a hardener in alloys of the platinum metals, though ruthenium has generally replaced it. A hard alloy of osmium and iridium was used for tips of fountain pens and phonograph needles, and osmium tetroxide is used in certain organic syntheses. Pure osmium metal does not occur in nature.

Is the bluish-white metal with Lustre?

1 Lead. Lead (atomic no. 82) is a bluish-white metal of bright luster, is soft, very malleable, ductile, and a poor conductor of electricity.

What element would have 76 protons?

Osmium is a chemical element with symbol Os and atomic number 76. Classified as a transition metal, Osmium is a solid at room temperature.

Is osmium safe to touch?

Osmium tetroxide, OsO4, is highly toxic. Concentrations in air as low as 10-7 g m-3 can cause lung congestion, skin damage, and severe eye damage. The oxide, in particular, should only ever be handled by a properly qualified chemist.

How much is osmium worth?

approximately US$400/oz
According to Engelhard Industrial Bullion, Osmium cost approximately US$400/oz in the US in 2018, the most recent available price. According to Osmium-Preis, since April 2017 the spot price of Crystalline osmium has significantly increased from €797/g to the current level of €1,501/g (€42,100/oz) on May 12, 2021.

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