What order should I read Travis McGee books?

Travis McGee books in order

  • Book 1. The Deep Blue Good-by. A Travis McGee Novel.
  • Book 2. Nightmare in Pink. A Travis McGee Novel.
  • Book 3. A Purple Place for Dying.
  • Book 4. The Quick Red Fox.
  • Book 5. A Deadly Shade of Gold.
  • Book 6. Bright Orange for the Shroud.
  • Book 7. Darker Than Amber.
  • Book 8. One Fearful Yellow Eye.

When were the Travis McGee books written?

Going beyond the usual formula of sex and violence, the author investigated contemporary social and moral concerns through McGee and his erudite sidekick, Meyer. Books in the series include One Fearful Yellow Eye (1966), A Tan and Sandy Silence (1971), and Cinnamon Skin (1982).

Is John MacDonald still alive?

December 28, 1986John D. MacDonald / Date of death

Is Travis McGee Black?

McGee’s ethnicity is Irish-American; his father’s first name is never given, but his mother’s maiden name is given as Mary Catherine Devlin.

Are there Travis McGee movies?

Travis McGee is a 1983 American TV movie based on the 1978 novel The Empty Copper Sea by John D. MacDonald. It was the second film adaptation of the Travis McGee series.

How many Travis McGee are there?

Created by John D McDonald, Travis McGee became the hero in a series of twenty one books. Anybody that has read one of the McGee series of books will understand why he is so successful. Traveling through the country and solving mysteries, Travis ensures that the readers are on the journey with him.

What did Travis McGee drink?

Just as the recipe for the Vesper, James Bond’s signature martini, features Gordon’s gin, imported Plymouth gin was the essential—and nearly sole—ingredient in Travis McGee’s preferred adult beverage.

What was the last Travis McGee novel?

MacDonald was last seen in 1985’s The Lonely Silver Rain. Fans of McGee and MacDonald breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the title of that last novel. We had heard that if ever “black” were in the title of a McGee story, it would spell the end of the series, the death of our hero.

Who owns da Conch Shack?

John Macdonald Jr
John Macdonald Jr, da Conch Shack founder and owner.

How much does John McDonald MC earn?

Current Contract. John McDonald signed a 1 year / $850,000 contract with the Los Angeles Angels, including $850,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $850,000.

What was the last Travis McGee book?

The Lonely Silver Rain (1985)
The Lonely Silver Rain (1985) is the 21st and final novel in the Travis McGee series by John D. MacDonald.

Who created Dave Robicheaux?

James Lee BurkeDave Robicheaux / Author