What quest is after dampened spirits?

Scoundrel’s Folly

Dampened Spirits
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Followed by Scoundrel’s Folly
Quest Objectives

How do you start a dampened spirit?

Prerequisite Quests To Complete Once you complete ‘Loud and Clear’, you can begin ‘Dampening Spirits’.

Do I poison the nest and the vat?

The area to poison the nest is the pile of hay to the right of the alchemy lab. The area where poison can be used is fairly small. Going through the tunnel to the Honningbrew Boilery, it is possible to go up the stairs and pour the poison into the vat.

Who is Sabjorn’s partner?

You’ll find that the letter came from Maven Black-Briar, which is Sabjorn’s silent partner. Keep the letter.

What happened to Sabjorn?

Dampened Spirits The Dragonborn is sent to poison the Honningbrew Mead and ruin Sabjorn, who unknowingly hires the Dragonborn to take care of the pest problem at the Meadery. After the quest to frame Sabjorn has been completed, he will be in the Dragonsreach Dungeon following his arrest.

How do you complete Dampened Spirits?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Maven Black-Briar.
  2. Meet Mallus Maccius at The Bannered Mare.
  3. Speak to Sabjorn in the Honningbrew Meadery.
  4. Engage in some industrial sabotage and witness the mead tasting failure.
  5. Acquire the promissory note and return to Maven.

What happens if I tell Maven about frost?

You have the option then to inform Maven Black-Briar of the plot. She will direct you to steal Frost and you can continue the same as if you didn’t talk to her. When you arrive at the lodge the guards will attack you if you ignore their warnings to stay away.

Who is Mallus maccius?

Mallus Maccius is an Imperial who works at the Honningbrew Meadery. He is initially found in Whiterun at The Bannered Mare.

Who is severio Pelagia?

Severio Pelagia is an Imperial in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who can be found wandering around both inside and outside of Whiterun. He generally works at Pelagia Farm during the day, visits the Drunken Huntsman in the evenings, and sleeps in his own house in Whiterun at night. He is Nimriel’s lover.

Should I give Frost to Louis?

He should stay at some point. Sometimes after paying the Dragonborn, Louis will not mount Frost, but instead leave him there and start running northwest on foot. Frost can then be kept without having to pass the speech check.