What School District is Milwaukee in?

Milwaukee School District

District Name: Milwaukee School District schools for this district NCES District ID: 5509600 State District ID: WI-3619
Mailing Address: Po Box 2181 Milwaukee, WI 53201-2181 Physical Address: 5225 W Vliet St Milwaukee, WI 53208-2627 Phone: (414)475-8002
Type: Local school district Status: Open Total Schools: 156

How many school districts are in Milwaukee County?

Milwaukee Public Schools
Established 1846
Superintendent Keith Posley
Schools 158
NCES District ID 5509600

What county is Milwaukee WI in?

Milwaukee CountyMilwaukee / County

Are schools in Milwaukee Good?

Milwaukee area high schools were among the best in the state in rankings put out by U.S. News and World Report. In fact, of the top 10 high schools in the state, eight are in Milwaukee and its suburbs — including the top high school in the state, High School of Health Sciences in Wales.

What are the biggest school districts in the US?

Largest School Districts in the United States

Rank School district name Enrollment
1 New York City Department of Education 995,336
2 Los Angeles Unified School District 667,273
3 Puerto Rico Department of Education 437,202
4 Chicago Public Schools 405,655

How many students go to Milwaukee Public Schools?

Currently Milwaukee Public Schools is the largest school district in the state of Wisconsin with approximately 77,746 students as of 2018. Below is a breakout of district enrollment for all students for the past years based on economic status, disability, and race/ethnicity.

What is the smartest school in Wisconsin?

Read more on how this ranking was calculated….

  • Brookfield Academy.
  • University School of Milwaukee.
  • The Prairie School.
  • Turtle Lake School District.
  • Wayland Academy.
  • Madison Country Day School.