What size should a cyclone dust collector be?

Most small shop cyclones claim 1000 CFM airflow and come with the poly cellulose blended cartridge filters that are typically under 250 square feet in area when they really need a minimum of at least 500 square feet of filter area.

How do you design a cyclone?


  1. Diameter of cyclone = Dc = 0.063 m.
  2. Flow inlet area =0.5Dc*0.2Dc = 4*E-4 m2.
  3. Cylindrical length = 1.5 Dc = 0.0945 m.
  4. Conical section ht. =2.5Dc = 0.1575 m.
  5. Conical end diameter=0.375Dc = 0.0236 m.
  6. Outlet diameter = 0.5Dc = 0.0315 m.
  7. Collecting Hopper diameter =Dc =0.063 m.

How much CFM do I need for dust collector?

They found most small shop stationary tools need about 1000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow to have good fine dust collection and only need about 350 CFM for good “chip collection”.

Is 1 micron good for dust collector?

For a typical stand-alone dust collector, bottom bag(s) become non–breathing collection bags made of rugged canvas fabric or heavy duty plastic, and top bag(s) are the high efficiency felt filter bags easily capable of containing dust down into the 1 micron range.

How do you calculate the number of cyclones?

Volumetric Feed Flow Rate As such, the pressure drop used for determining the d50(c) is applied to determine the feed flow rate per cyclone. To determine the number of cyclones needed, the total flow rate of the stream is divided by the allowable flow rate per cyclone (see attached graph).

What is the best cyclone dust collector?

5 Best Cyclone Dust Collectors Reviews

  1. Shop Fox Dust Collector. Shop Fox brand supplies high-quality tools at stunning budget-friendly prices.
  2. Festool Cyclone Dust Separator.
  3. Jet Jcdc 2 2Hp Cyclone Dust Collector.
  4. Jet Jcdc 3 3Hp Cyclone Dust Collector.
  5. Mullet Tools M5 Dust Cyclone Collection.

What is a Thien baffle?

An alternative form of cyclone is what is known as a ” Thien-baffle”. In a Thien-baffle, the air spirals in a flat shape from the edge to the center, whereas in a cyclone it moves in more of a helical pattern down the cone and then back up the middle.

What are the dimensions of the Cyclones related to?

All the dimensions of the cyclones are related to the diameter Dc. A standard geometry is then selected and the diameter Dc is adjusted to get the desired performance. Figure 1 : Cyclone drawing and nomenclature of characteristic geometry

What is the pressure drop on a high efficiency cyclone?

Other “high efficiency cyclones” can have pressure drops as high as 12” wc. Lower pressure drop means less required horsepower on the fan which saves you significant dollars over the life of the cyclone. Example: Kice CE/CD/CC Cyclones were designed for removing product from smaller diameter, pneumatic conveying lines.

If you design a new cyclone, chose one of the standard geometry in table 1 and assume a diameter Dc. If you test an existing cyclone, determine the different ratios for the actual equipment you are evaluating. K ratios : K H, K B, K S, K i , K L, K Z, K D from table 1 or actual cyclone dimension

What is the dust load of a standard cyclone?

The approach is valid for standard cyclones with squared tangential inlets and with a small dust load in the order of max 10 g/m3. For different types of inlet or higher dust loads, some corrections are necessary.