What size straight razor do I need?

So, What Size Should I Pick for My Straight Razor Blade? Pick a 5/8 blade size. Whether you need the razor just for trimming or for all-out shaving, it will give you the results you want. This is perfect for a newbie like you, although it will also work perfectly as well for shaving pros.

How are straight razor blades measured?

A straight razor is measured from the top of the grind below the spine, to the cutting edge.

What is the size of a razor blade?

This single edge thin, extra-long razor blade is made from uncoated carbon steel. The blade is 120mm long, 20mm wide and 0.12mm thick (4.72 x 0.78 x 0.005″). It is double beveled for increased strength and durability.

What are the different sizes of razors?

Blade width

  • 3/8 inch. Narrow straight razors, such as the DOVO Nr.
  • 5/8 inch. Straight razors with a width of 5/8 inches are the real all-rounders.
  • 6/8 inch. The 6/8 inch straight razor is best used to work for strong beard growth.
  • Flat Grind.
  • Full hollow grind.
  • Half hollow.
  • Square point.
  • Round point.

Are all straight razor blades the same size?

BLADE SIZE Straight razor blades are most commonly measured in 8ths of an inch, such as 5/8”, 6/8”, 8/8” and so on. This measurement is the total width of the blade from spine to cutting edge.

How do you pick a good straight razor?

Guidelines For Buying A Straight Razor

  1. Choose a Straight Razor with a Wooden Handle.
  2. Choose a Blade Made of Stainless Steel.
  3. Pick a Blade with a Dutch Point.
  4. Pick a Blade with the Right Size.
  5. Get the Correct Grind.
  6. Consider a Shave Kit Instead of Just a Straight Razor.

What do the numbers mean on a straight razor?

Many users are confused by this numbering but here is what the company has to say: “the numbers on the neck of the razor are dial controls that allow you to control your shaving experience and fine-tune the closeness of the shave.” Generally, the higher the number, the closer and deeper the shave.

What is the scale on a straight razor?

These scales are ~138mm from end to end, ~12.5mm across at the approximate zone one would use for drilling the pivot hole, ~18mm wide at the widest spot towards the non-pivot end, and weigh approximately 9.2 grams.

Are all shaving razor blades the same size?

Try a new blade! Do you find this helpful? Yes I believe so. All razor blades are the same size.

What are 2 types of straight razors?

Here’s the main differences between the 3 main types of straight razor available on the market today: cut-throat, replaceable blade or Kamisori.

  • Cut-throat Razor.
  • Replaceable Blade Razor.
  • Kamisori Razor.

What are two types of straight razors?