What state is Santa Ana El Salvador in?

Santa Ana (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsanta ˈana]) is a department of El Salvador in the northwest of the country. The capital is Santa Ana, one of the largest cities in El Salvador. It has 2,023 km² and a population of over 613,000. The Santa Ana Volcano is in this department….Santa Ana Department.

Santa Ana
ISO 3166 code SV-SA

What is Santa Ana El Salvador known for?

Known as Santa Ana since 1708, it ranks among the country’s largest cities and is the commercial centre of western El Salvador. Santa Ana is a major coffee-processing centre, having one of the world’s largest coffee mills (El Molino).

What is the capital city of El Salvador?

San SalvadorEl Salvador / CapitalSan Salvador is the capital and the largest city of El Salvador and its eponymous department. It is the country’s political, cultural, educational and financial center. The Metropolitan Area of San Salvador, which comprises the capital itself and 13 of its municipalities, has a population of 2,404,097. Wikipedia

What city is Santa Ana volcano in?

Santa Ana (also known as Ilamatepec) volcano is a stratovolcano about 45 km west of San Salvador city. It is El Salvador’s highest volcano and one of its most active.

What is the capital of Santa Ana El Salvador?

Santa Ana (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsanta ˈana]) is the second largest city in El Salvador, after the capital of San Salvador. It is located 64 kilometers northwest of San Salvador, the capital city….Santa Ana, El Salvador.

Santa Ana Santa Ana
Population (2007)
• City 245,421
• Urban 280,000
• Metro 290,000

Is El Salvador part of Mexico?

El Salvador and the other Central American provinces declared their independence from Spain and became part of the Mexican Empire. In 1823, the United Provinces of Central America was formed by the five Central American states. When this federation was dissolved in 1838, El Salvador became an independent republic.

What country is under El Salvador?

It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador’s capital and largest city is San Salvador. The country’s population in 2021 is estimated to be 6.8 million….El Salvador.

Republic of El Salvador República de El Salvador (Spanish)
Internet TLD .sv

Is Santa Ana El Salvador worth visiting?

Santa Ana is a great base for exploring western El Salvador because it’s so well-connected to some of the country’s best experiences. Most of the real action takes place outside of town and is the reason many people base themselves in Santa Ana.

Is El Salvador a poor country?

El Salvador is the fifth-poorest country in North America with a per capita GDP of $4,131. El Salvador has a small elite population that became wealthy through the country’s coffee and sugar production. On the other hand, about 40% of the population falls below the poverty line.