What stats do priests need classic?

Stat Priority for Healing Priest

  • Healing Power.
  • Mana per 5 seconds (Mp5)
  • Spirit.
  • Intellect.
  • Spell Crit.
  • Stamina.

Can I level as a holy priest?

While Holy Priest is more than capable of being levelled to 60, Priests generally level as Shadow as it provides superior damage significantly speeding up the questing process.

What priest spec is best for leveling Classic?

shadow spec
Best spec for leveling as a priest. Of course, shadow spec is the best for leveling, but before being lvl 36, you’ll start focusing on Discipline to max out your DPS with your wand.

What Horde race is best for priest?

Come Burning Crusade, Blood Elves easily became the best Horde race for priests. This is due to their racial abilities providing the best mana efficiency in the game. Their unique priest racial ability, Consume Magic, allows them to dispel one of their own personal priest buffs to regain some mana.

Is Leveling a priest hard?

It’s not that difficult. Get lots of spirit, pick up Spirit Tap, and a good wand. The crafted wands (Lesser & Greater Magic Wand) have a much lower level requirement than their ilevel would suggest so try to get those.

What is the best profession for priest in WOW?

Jewelcrafting is pretty much the best for any class. Cause, you can gem for output or regen, and with inscription/enchanting/leatherworking you’re stuck with just output.

What is a priest in WOW?

The priest is a diverse and powerful class, highly desirable in any group and capable of fulfilling multiple roles. Discipline and Holy priests are powerful and versatile healers with a range of tools for supporting their allies, while Shadow priests use dark and sinister magic to deal crippling damage to their foes.

What race is best for priest horde?

Can Nightborne be priests?

Nightborne priests However, there are some nightborne who are capable of casting holy spells. Nighthold citizens can be seen kneeling before a statue of a nightborne priestess wielding a staff with the symbol of a half-moon.