What studio made Room on the Broom?

Magic Light Pictures
Room on the Broom (film)

Room on the Broom
Production companies Orange Eyes Limited Magic Light Pictures Studio Soi
Distributor Magic Light Pictures
Original network BBC One

Who did the animation for Room on the Broom?

7. Animation. Jan Lachauer and Max Lang: The nine animators on Room on the Broom were not only incredibly talented but also very fast.

Is Room on the Broom CGI?

Well, let’s talk about the good stuff, first. For 27 minutes, the film’s mix of Claymation and CGI is done quite well. It’s bright, colorful, and the animation is expressive. There is a really nice calming atmosphere to the overall journey.

Where was Room on the Broom made?

We were scattered all over Europe. The production though was done in Ludwigsburg. Jakub [Schuh] who you know, who I worked with on The Gruffalo, he was my teacher at Film Akademie and is one of the principals at Studio Soi. Jan and I were just freelancing on this.

What is Julia Donaldson worth?

Her hit book The Gruffalo – about a mouse who scares off predators in a wood – has sold over 13 million copies alone and has been translated into more than 100 languages. She has an estimated net worth of £85m.

Are there different versions of room on the broom?

But apparently there are three different versions of the book, and the American editions were changed so that the dragon doesn’t say he wants ‘witch and chips’. One American edition apparently changes it to ‘witch and fries’ (which of course spoils the joke), and the other leaves that part out altogether!

Who plays the dog in room on the broom?

Martin Clunes
Voiced by Martin Clunes. Super enthusiastic (with a bit of a flea problem) Dog is always eager to please. Being allowed to ride on the broomstick is a dream come true and he looks up to Cat like an older brother, though his love is not at first reciprocated.

Is the dragon in Room on the Broom Zog?

There’s a red dragon in Room on the Broom, so Zog couldn’t be red either. I finally chose orange, so that Zog looked different from all my previous dragons – and it makes him stand out well against the blue sky and green forest backgrounds, too. ‘

When was room on the broom first published?

August 27, 2001Room On The Broom / Originally published

When was room on the broom published?

August 27, 2001Room On The Broom / Originally published

It was first published by Macmillan in 2001 (ISBN 9780803726574) and since been made into an animated film, narrated by Simon Pegg and starring the voices of Martin Clunes, Rob Brydon, Sally Hawkins, David Walliams, Gillian Anderson and Timothy Spall.