What the difference in buffer weights do?

With a heavier buffer weight, the BCG encounters more resistance rearwards. The entire action becomes smoother, especially the felt recoil. But an overly heavy buffer isn’t good for a rifle, either. It will prevent the AR-15 from cycling, leading to improper extraction and ejection.

What is the best buffer weight?

H2 Buffer Weight | ~4.6 to 4.7 ounces The H2 buffer weight is usually the best buffer for a carbine length gas system in a standard MILSPEC 16″ rifle, cycling reliably with the least amount of recoil. Most shooters report that the H2 buffer weight works just fine with a mid-length gas setup.

What happens if my buffer is too heavy?

The heavier the buffer the longer it takes to move. It will also slow down quicker and smooth out the recoil. Going with too heavy a buffer though can cause the rifle to short stroke (i.e not fully cycle, which will lead to inconsistent extraction and ejection).

What does a lighter buffer do?

Another route preferred by competition shooters is to go with a lighter buffer weight, which reduces felt recoil and allows quicker recovery between shots.

Does an AR9 need a buffer tube?

The AR9 pistol instead uses a new lower receiver (aptly called the AR9 lower) and a stripped AR-15 upper receiver with a 9mm barrel, new bolt carrier group, and an AR-15 buffer system and lower parts kit. A 9mm-specific buffer is required inside your buffer tube, but we’ll touch on that later.

What is a C7A2?

: A Canadian soldier with C7A2. Note the 4-position stock, green-coloured C79A2 sight, Cadex vertical grip and TRI-AD mount The C7A2 is created in batches from C7A1s that are sent back to Colt Canada for the service. Regular Force army units were the first to receive the -A2s, with units going overseas getting priority.

Does the C7A2 have a free-floated barrel?

There is no requirement for a free-floated barrel here. The C7A2 uses the classic plastic handguards, and the Army’s H6 rifle came mounted on both the M16A2 and M16A4- neither of which was free floated.

What is the difference between a carbine length buffer and A2 buffer?

They are made longer than carbine length buffers so that they can successfully fill the extra space in an A2 rifle buffer tube. Carbine length buffers, on the other hand, are the ideal choice for most collapsible stocks with carbine buffer tubes.

What happened to the M16A2 C7?

The C-7 is based off the M16a1e3 (or 4 can’t remember offhand) the M16a2 came after the C-7. The thermould mags were ditched due to failures from use in cold weather ie the mag would split ejecting everything inside.