What TMs are sold in Celadon in fire red?

Celadon Mansion

  • Thunder Stone: Evolve into Jolteon.
  • Fire Stone: Evolve into Flareon.
  • Water Stone: Evolve into Vaporeon.

What TMs do they sell in Celadon City?

Celadon City Dept. Store, 2F

TM 07 (Horn Drill) 2000
TM 37 (Egg Bomb) 2000
TM 01 (Mega Punch) 3000
TM 05 (Mega Kick) 3000
TM 09 (Take-Down) 3000

Where can I buy TMs in Pokemon Fire Red?

The TMs

TM Name Location
13 Ice Beam Celadon City (Game Corner – 4,000 Coins)
14 Blizzard Pokémon Mansion (B1F, north)
15 Hyper Beam Celadon City (Department Store – $7,500)
16 Light Screen Celadon City (Department Store roof – give girl Fresh Water)

What TMs can you buy in celadon Gen 1?

Location of Celadon Department Store in Kanto….Generation I.

Right cashier
TM32 (Double Team) 1000 TM33 (Reflect) 1000
TM02 (Razor Wind) 2000 TM07 (Horn Drill) 2000
TM37 (Egg Bomb) 2000 TM01 (Mega Punch) 3000
TM05 (Mega Kick) 3000 TM09 (Take Down) 3000

What TMS can you buy in red?


TM# and Name Description Buy
TM 01 – Mega Punch Normal attack 3000
TM 02 – Razor Wind Normal attack 2000
TM 03 – Swords Dance Normal attack
TM 04 – Whirlwind Escape from battle

What is better mega punch or kick?

Mega punch is basically unusable; however, with the lack of return, mega kick is kind of an option, though low accuracy stings. It would be cool if these classic moves were revamped to be better options….Is Mega kick or mega punch better?

TM# and Name Description Location
TM 01 – Mega Punch Normal attack Celadon Dept. Store and Mt. Moon

What TMs can you buy in red?

What is TM 23?

TM23 is: Dragon Rage in Generation 1. Iron Tail in Generations 2-4 and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. Smack Down in Generations 5-7. Thunder Punch in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.

How do you get a TM Case?


Games Method
FRLG Automatically obtained when the player obtains their first TM, the earliest being Pewter Gym or held by a Pokémon obtained in a trade

What is TM 37 in Pokemon Red?

TM37. Egg Bomb. Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept.

Does Celadon City have a Pokémon Super-Store?

Not only is there tons of stuff to discover and battles to be won, but Celadon City actually features a Pokémon Super-Store as well. Here, you can pretty much buy anything you can imagine. Well, okay. Maybe not everything.

Where is Madam celadon in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu?

In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, on the left side of the Pokémon Center is a Channeler called Madam Celadon with her Abra. For 10,000, Madam Celadon can influence the Nature of wild Pokémon they encounter for the rest of the day.

Where is the celadon department store in Emerald?

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Celadon Department Store is a separate save location, but Pokémon hatched here have the hatched location of ” Celadon City “. In Pokémon Emerald, the encounter location ” Celadon Department Store ” is read as ” Special Area “.

What is the 5th floor in Celadon City?

The 4th Floor holds evolutionary stones of all kinds. The 5th Floor is the most specialized of all. Expect to keep coming back to Celadon City only to visit the 5th Floor, as it is the only reliable source of Protein, Calcium, and other items that permanently boost the stats of your Pokemon.