What was the main cause of the Bosnian genocide?

Catalysts for the Genocide Bosnia declared its independence after a referendum vote on April 5th 1992. In retaliation for this unwanted referendum result, Bosnian Serb troops launched an assault on the capital of Sarajevo, claiming the lives of an estimated 5,000 civilians until the siege was lifted in 1995.

Why did the Bosnian War start for kids?

War is caused by a complex combination of the general political, social and security crisis in the country, which followed the end of the Cold War and the fall of the socialist system in Yugoslavia. The war ended with the signing Peace Agreement in Dayton, Ohio on 21 November 1995.

How did the Bosnian War affect children?

Almost 94% of the children met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th ed, criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder. Significant life activity affecting sadness and anxiety were reported by 90.6% and 95.5% of the children, respectively.

What human rights were violated during the Bosnian genocide?

War crimes Throughout the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, a large number of human rights violations occurred. These included ethnic cleansing, extrajudicial executions, rape and torture.

Why did the Bosnian Crisis happen?

The Bosnian Crisis was sparked by anger over the annexation of the Balkan regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary. In 1878, Bosnia and Herzegovina were officially a part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, but Austria-Hungary occupied the territory with the agreement of the rest of Europe (Treaty of Berlin).

What happened in Bosnia 27 years ago?

The Bosnian War was characterised by bitter fighting, indiscriminate shelling of cities and towns, ethnic cleansing, and systematic mass rape, mainly perpetrated by Serb, and to a lesser extent, Croat and Bosniak forces.

Are people in Bosnia today still suffering the impacts of the war today?

Twenty years after the start of the war, civilians and former soldiers are still suffering from the horrors they lived through, says Ismet Dizdarevic, a renowned social psychologist.

Who committed genocide against Bosnia?

the Bosnian Serb forces
Finding of genocide at Srebrenica By seeking to eliminate a part of the Bosnian Muslims, the Bosnian Serb forces committed genocide. They targeted for extinction the forty thousand Bosnian Muslims living in Srebrenica, a group which was emblematic of the Bosnian Muslims in general.