What year is Sttng?

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) is an American science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry. It originally aired from September 28, 1987 to May 23, 1994 in syndication, spanning 178 episodes over seven seasons….

Star Trek: The Next Generation
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What network was Star Trek: The Next Generation on?

CBSStar Trek: The Next Generation / NetworkThe Columbia Broadcasting System is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network that serves as the flagship property of the CBS Entertainment Group division of Paramount Global. Wikipedia

Who is the wealthiest Star Trek actor?

Star Trek Beyond: Who Got Really Rich from the Franchise

  • William Shatner, $100 million.
  • Leonard Nimoy, $45 million.
  • DeForest Kelley, $5 million.
  • James Doohan, $7 million.
  • Nichelle Nichols, $8 million.
  • George Takei, $12 million.
  • Walter Koenig, $8 million.
  • Majel Barrett, $60 million-plus.

How much did Patrick Stewart make on Star Trek Next Generation?

His salary for “The Next Generation” eventually skyrocketed to $100,000 per episode. In today’s money, that is the equivalent of $180,000 per episode. Stewart also made a killing for the Star Trek movies.

How old is Guinan on Star Trek?

According to her profile on Startrek.com, Guinan is characterized as being “well over 600 years old”. While this estimate seems fairly accurate for her current age, evidence from several episodes in TNG suggests Guinan was somewhere in the 500-year-old range when she was first introduced.

Will Captain Janeway be in Picard?

Obviously Kate Mulgrew is now much too old to play younger Captain Janeway, so she’ll have to end up playing the character in the time of Star Trek: Picard.

How can I watch episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on CBS All Access.