Where are origami bikes made?

All Origami bicycles are designed by Pinigis but are manufactured overseas, then assembled in Richmond.

Is folding bike good for long distance?

Are Folding Bikes Suitable for Long Distances? If all you’re wanting to do is cycle long distances then yes, perhaps a large-wheeled bike may be worth considering. But if the main function of your bike is getting around the city, a folding bike could really be the best choice.

How can you make a paper airplane?

Paper Airplane DIY

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Can folding bikes go long distance?

Nowadays, folding bikes travel long distances just as well as a traditional road bike can offer. Folding bikes have become more popular among commuters and campers, and extreme riders. A folding bike is doing just well when ridden over different terrains.

Who is origami bicycles?

Origami Bicycle Company is a small folding bike company located in Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 2011, Origami Bicycles strives to provide useful, convenient and affordable biking options for every individual. Here you get Folding Bicycles, Travel Bikes, Carbon Folding Bikes, ebikes, and Lightweight Folding Bikes.

Who makes origami Lotus 16 inch wheel folding bikes?

Yup, that’s exactly what Paul Pinigis, owner of Origami Bicycles, did to create the newly launched Origami Lotus 16 inch wheel folding bike. Origami Bicycles was founded in 2011, is located in historic Richmond, Virginia, and continues to offer folding bikes that appeal to all types of cyclists’ needs.

What is the difference between the origami lotus and origami bicycle?

While Origami Bicycle did sell a 16-inch folding bike in the past named Wasp the Origami Lotus is a much higher-end, performance model. Over the years 16-inch wheel folding bikes have catered to a small segment of riders seeking a compact, space-saving solution for commuter/city riding.

What is the best 16 inch tri-fold folding bike?

While Brompton (and clones such as Mobot or 3Sixty) is the most well-known in the 16 inch wheel tri-fold folding bike there is lots of renewed excitement in the 16-inch bi-fold segment thanks to Fnhon Gust. Even Dahon recently redesigned their Dahon VISC SL9 frame to better compete in this resurging lightweight folding bike segment.