Where can I buy old TV shows?

Where to Buy Classic TV Shows

  • Amazon.com. Great prices, large selection, free shipping on many items.
  • Classic TV Info aStore. Our very own store for classic tv show DVDs, books, and CDs – in partnership with amazon.com.
  • YouTube.
  • Deep Discount.
  • DVD Price Search.
  • eBay.
  • Shokus Video.
  • KineVideo.

What is the most famous show on TV?

Top 100 most watched tv shows of all time

  • Game of Thrones (2011–2019) TV-MA | 57 min | Action, Adventure, Drama.
  • Stranger Things (2016– )
  • The Walking Dead (2010–2022)
  • 13 Reasons Why (2017–2020)
  • The 100 (2014–2020)
  • Orange Is the New Black (2013–2019)
  • Riverdale (2017– )
  • Grey’s Anatomy (2005– )

What’s the most successful TV show ever?

One of the most successful shows in television history, “Seinfeld” premiered in 1989 and ran for nine seasons on NBC. By 2014, the series had generated $3.1 billion since entering syndication in 1995, according to Vulture.

Where can I buy TV shows on DVD?

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Can you record TV shows to DVDs?

The doctrine also permits private, non-commercial use of material that you’re entitled to possess, like a DVD you bought or a TV show that’s been broadcast into your home. In the United States, you are generally allowed to record TV programs to DVD, DVR or any other recording device for home viewing.

What was the first TV show on DVD?

Ben::H. Watched Stargate again tonight and noticed that was released in 1997.

  • Ryan Belfast. Im guessing Air Force One,Mars Attacks,or Contact.
  • Greg_S_H. Four IMAX titles were the first DVDs,followed by a slate of WB movies.
  • Ben::H. Very interesting Greg.
  • Greg_S_H.
  • nolesrule.
  • RodneyT.
  • Dane Marvin.
  • Dean L.
  • Paul Sandhu.
  • What TV shows should kids watch?

    – If there’s a subject your child enjoys, more likely than not, there is a TV show, movie, or educational DVD that explores the subject in detail. – Children’s shows, whether they bill themselves as “educational” or not, may offer opportunities to spark learning. – Documentary and nature shows are also entertaining and educational for kids.