Where can I find detailed 3ds Max beginner tutorials?

On the TopHATTwaffle channel, you will find detailed 3Ds Max beginner tutorials for beginner users. The full course consists of 5 lectures. In this video, the author tells about the main tools available in this software and describes various tasks that you can solve.

What is 3ds Max for cars?

An in-depth, advanced 3D modeling guide for creating high quality 3D geometry and reflection for cars and products using polygonal modeling software. By former ILM and LucasArts CG artist Ali Ismail. A general overview of the modeling, texturing and rendering process of a 1965 Mustang Fastback. Done in 3ds Max.

What is this 3ds Max rendering tutorial about?

This tutorial will guide you through setting up a camera and creating your first render in 3ds Max with no prior experience. In under 10 minutes you’ll learn some of the options available for rendering and lighting in 3ds Max.

How to customize layers in 3ds Max 2012?

Let’s start 3ds max 2012 and open the Character mesh.max file supplied with the tutorial. In this step we will customize Layers to keep the objects categorically. It will help you to select, hide or unhide the objects easily. So, first click on the Layer Manager in the main toolbar to open the layer editor.


Is 3D Max difficult to use?

Since 3Ds Max is a professional software, it might be difficult to use for those who have never built three-dimensional models and scenes. This is why many aspiring 3D designers want to learn how to create basic objects. This 3Ds Max tutorial for beginners was created by the author of the LogicGear channel.

Can you make a sword in 3ds Max?

Yet in less than 12 minutes, YouTube artist Nebulaoblivion will teach you how to create a very basic sword model from scratch in 3ds Max. You’ll start with the cross guard and then move on to the handle before finally tackling the blade and pummel.