Where do Marines live in North Carolina?

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is located in Onslow County in southeastern North Carolina. Camp Lejeune and the City of Jacksonville are adjacent to the New River flowing to the Onslow Beach area. Camp Lejeune occupies about 153,439 acres with 14 miles of beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Where do Marines train in North Carolina?

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (/ləˈʒɜːrn/) is a 246-square-mile (640 km2) United States military training facility in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

How do you get on Marine base housing?

If you want to get into base housing, you will need to turn in some forms. While you can get put on the advanced housing waiting list, you ultimately will not be put into rotation until your Marine checks in for duty. If there is housing available, you will receive a home.

How much is bah for Camp Lejeune?

Camp Lejeune BAH ranges from $1,056 to $1,683 for enlisted. BAH at Camp Lejeune begins at $1,245 for O1 without dependents and goes up to $1,839 for O7 with dependents.

Is Camp Lejeune a nice place to live?

All in all, Camp Lejeune is nestled in a friendly area with a moderate-to-slow pace of life. There’s a reason so many people retire here. Leave the base and get connected, and you’ll find a thriving community.

What is the only army base in North Carolina?

Fort Bragg Fort Bragg (bragg.army.mil) is the Army’s only base in North Carolina. Fort Bragg is located near Fayetteville and home to more than 30 different military organizations, including the XVIII Airborne Corps, the 82nd Airborne Division, the 4th brigade JROTC and the Army’s Reserve Command.

Why choose Atlantic Marine Corps communities?

You’ll love calling Atlantic Marine Corps Communities your home. We aim to provide the ultimate living experience and are proud to serve active-duty military and retirees, reservists, DOD employees, and civilian residents.

Where is the US Coast Guard Sector North Carolina located?

USCG Sector North Carolina maintains a presence in Wilmington, NC where sector headquarters are located. Other Coast Guard units in Wilmington include a Marine Safety Unit (MSU), a recruiting office and the USCG Cutter Diligence, which is homeported there.

What is the Marine Corps base at Cherry Point?

The base is home to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and to the Marine Corps’ only Naval Aviation Depot which performs work on aircraft and aircraft components used by the Marine Corps, Navy, and other services. Other major tenants at Cherry Point are the Naval Hospital and Combat Service Support Group-21.