Where do most Man Utd players live?

The Golden Triangle (sometimes called the Footballer Belt) is an area of affluent small towns and villages in Cheshire, England. The exact three points of the triangle are the subject of local debate but are generally considered to be Alderley Edge, Prestbury, and Wilmslow.

Which footballers live in Bowdon?

Marcus Rashford recently bought his own house in Bowdon, while his Man United team-mate Luke Shaw set up home in Hale when he initially made the move north from Southampton.

Who lives at Alderley Edge?

Footballers who live in Alderley Edge include Joleon Lescott and Manchester United players Dwight Yorke, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, and Andy Cole. David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham previously resided in Alderley Edge.

Do footballers buy or rent houses?

However because it is how they make a living, most footballers will tend to buy houses out of necessity: in close proximity to their current club for example, or near their families and loved ones.

Do footballers live in Hale Barns?

According to the latest figures, there are more Premiership footballers living in Hale, Bowdon and Hale Barns than in any other area in the region, with numbers rising by 20 per cent in the last 12 months alone.

Where is Marcus Rashford’s house?

Euro 2020 footballer Marcus Rashford lives in a beautiful home in Manchester, although it has been reported by The Sun that he is also building a five-bedroom mansion in Cheshire. The Manchester United star’s current home is decorated with chic modern interiors which he credited to his mother.

What celebrities live in Knutsford?

Knutsford is near Cheshire’s Golden Triangle, and on the Cheshire Plain between the Peak District to the east and the Welsh mountains to the west. Residents include Coronation Street actress Barbara Knox and footballers Peter Crouch, Sam Ricketts, Michael Jacobs and Phil Jagielka.

Where do footballers live in Prestbury?

Alderley Edge
Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Ollerton Alderley Edge is the most well-known area in Cheshire’s ‘Golden Triangle’, home to footballers including David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand in the past.

Where do most Premier League players live?

Fans of Tottenham and West Ham will tell you that Chigwell is best known for being the place ‘where the footballers live’.

Where do most soccer players live?

Where do pro soccer players live? A lot of established players own a home in the same metropolitan area as their club team. On top of that, players who can afford it own a home in their home country or a tax haven area that they retreat to from time to time.

What is the biggest house in Manchester?

Rappax Road, Hale The largest, and most expensive, property currently in Greater Manchester is this mansion in Hale up for sale for £5 million. ‘Halliwell House’ is considered one of the region’s most impressive homes, with grounds that extend to almost 1.4 acres.

Where did Jesse Lingard live?

He returned home to find that the ‘Away day robbers’ had taken £100,000 of clothes and jewellery from his home, in Hale, Greater Manchester. The robbers managed to get away from the 29-year-old’s £3 million property and, according to the report, he has since put it up for sale.