Where do you park for the intersection in Grand Rapids MI?

Parking The Ellis Parking Lot at 53 Grandville Avenue SW. — 0.1 miles from the venue. Sensory Noise levels may be pronounced during events. The venue is well lit.

How big is the intersection in Grand Rapids?

Located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, The Intersection offers five stages across one venue — the Showroom with 1500 capacity, Elevation with 800 capacity, The Stache with 400 capacity, The Mint with 200 capacity, and our outdoor Rock the Lot stage at 2200.

Is parking free in downtown Grand Rapids?

Most of the spots in Downtown Grand Rapids are metered. But some are free. To locate them you can use the SpotAngels map before navigating to your desired area. The map updates in real-time, so simply type in the address you’re parking near, the time you expect to be there, and your duration.

Who owns the intersection Grand Rapids?

Club Concepts
Club Concepts, a spin-off from Delta Properties which owns Walker’s DeltaPlex Arena and Conference Center, purchased The Intersection in 2000, when it was located in the Eastown business district.

What is the full meaning of intersection?

What Does Intersection Mean? Definition of Intersection: Intersection is defined as a point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect, especially roads.

What time is free parking in Grand Rapids?

The City of Grand Rapids enforces parking meters Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm. Unless marked otherwise, the meters are free after 6pm.

Is parking free on weekends in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Most parking meters are not enforced on weekends or after 6:00 PM during the week. If you visit downtown on a major holiday, you’re in luck! Street parking is always free on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Who owns the intersection?

Intersection (company)

Industry Infrastructure Out-of-home advertising Smart city technology
Founded June 2015
Headquarters New York, NY, U.S.
Key people Ari Buchalter (CEO) Dan Doctoroff (Chairman)
Website www.intersection.com

How do you find the intersection?

How Do I Find the Point of Intersection of Two Lines?

  1. Get the two equations for the lines into slope-intercept form.
  2. Set the two equations for y equal to each other.
  3. Solve for x.
  4. Use this x-coordinate and substitute it into either of the original equations for the lines and solve for y.

What is another word for intersection?


  • carrefour,
  • corner,
  • crossing,
  • crossroad,
  • crossway(s),
  • junction.

Is street parking free in Grand Rapids?

Is street parking free on weekends in Grand Rapids?