Where is dlng?

The Darwin LNG plant (DLNG) is a single train liquefaction and storage facility located at Wickham Point on Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia. DLNG is currently receiving gas from the Bayu-Undan field in the Timor Sea and converts it into LNG. DLNG was commissioned in 2006 and has a design life to 2027.

What is Bayu-Undan?

Bayu-Undan is a mature gas and condensate field located in Timor Sea, Timor-Leste which has been in production since April 2004. Santos became the operator of the Bayu-Undan field through the acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ assets in Timor-Leste and northern Australia in May 2020.

Is Bayu-Undan in Australian waters?

Location and field details The Bayu-Undan is a shallow-water field located in 80m-deep waters, approximately 250km southeast off the coast of Suai, Timor-Leste, in the Timor Sea. The field is situated approximately 500km northwest off the coast of Darwin, Australia.

Is Santos an ethical company?

At Santos, we promote high standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. This applies to our employees and representatives, the Board and executive management team.

How many employees does Santos have in Australia?

approximately 3,790 people
Santos Limited is an Australian public company that generates its revenue through the production of petroleum and gas. Santos has operations throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region, employs approximately 3,790 people and is administered from its head office in Adelaide, South Australia.

Does Australia still drill for oil?

Bight Petroleum is now the only company that still intends to drill in the area, even though its most recent plans to do so were rejected by the regulator. Environmental activists have hailed as “an incredible win” an announcement that Santos and Murphy Oil will abandon plans to drill for oil in the Australian Bight.

What is the Bayu Undan field development?

The Bayu-Undan field development comprise a drilling, production and processing (DPP) platform,a compression, utilities and quarters (CUQ) platform, a satellite wellhead platform with 12 well slots, and a floating storage and offloading (FSO) facility. The DPP and CUQ platforms are connected by a bridge.

What is the production capacity of Bayu Undan LNG?

It has a production capacity of 3.24 million tonnes a year, and ConocoPhillips has entered agreements with the two companies to supply three million tonnes of Bayu-Undan LNG a year over 17 years.

What is happening at the Bayu-Undan gas field?

The Bayu-Undan field is one of Timor-Leste’s largest gas fields. Work on the Phase 3C Project commenced in May and, the scope will be managed by McDermott’s office in Perth. The McDermott scope involves a tieback of a single in-field well to existing facilities re-using existing flexible flowline with a new umbilical and certain infrastructure.

What is the history of Bayu project?

The project received an award for technology from the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council in Taiwan in 2007. Bayu was discovered in early 1995, when the Bayu-1 well intersected a 155m gas condensate column, at a depth of 897m. This tested 2.54m³ of gas a day and 5,250bbl of condensate.