Where is Pool 12 on the Mississippi?

Pool 12 of the Upper Mississippi River extends 26.3 miles from Lock and Dam 12 in Bellevue to Lock and Dam 11 in Dubuque. Pool 12 has 12,349 acres of aquatic habitat. Pool 12 encompasses most of the natural river floodplain and is bounded by limestone bluffs for much of its length.

Where are the pools on the Mississippi river?

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Pool 1 Pool 7
Pool 4 extends from Lock & Dam 4 located near Alma, Wisconsin upstream to Lock & Dam 3 located near Hager City, Wisconsin. Pool 10 extends from Lock & Dam 10 located near Guttenburg, Iowa upstream to Lock & Dam 9 located near Harpers Ferry, Iowa.
Pool 5 Pool 11

Where is Pool 2 located on the Mississippi river?

Location: Pool 2 is that portion of the Mississippi River above the dam at Hastings and extends upstream to the Ford Dam. Backwaters lakes included are Baldwin Lake, River Lake, Spring Lake, Mooers Lake, and Grey Cloud Slough.

What is a pool in a river?

Pools: An area of the stream characterized by deep depths and slow current. Pools are typically created by the vertical force of water falling down over logs or boulders. The movement of the water carves a deeper indentation in the stream bed. Pools are important because they can provide depth and still water.

Where is Pool 10 on the Mississippi River?

Pool 10 of the Upper Mississippi River extends 32.8 miles from Lock and Dam 10 in Guttenberg to Lock and Dam 9 in Lynxville, Wisconsin. Pool 10 contains 20,896 acres of aquatic habitat.

Where can I fish on the Mississippi River?

The Mississippi River State Fish and Wildlife Area is located between pools 25 and 26. Angling Opportunities: On Pool 26, Pohlman’s Slough, just above Grafton where the Illinois River flows into the Mississippi, is a good fishing spot, as are other backwaters in the area.

Can you fish the Mississippi River year round?

Illinois. A long stretch of the Mississippi River (almost 600 miles) also makes up the western Illinois border and boasts excellent fishing opportunities. You can hook the likes of Channel Catfish, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Bass on the river throughout the year.