Where is SNHU based?

Manchester, NH
Main Campus SNHU’s 300-acre campus is located just minutes from downtown Manchester, NH. It’s also situated in a region that meets a variety of interests of our students, with the mountains to the north, the ocean to the east and Boston to the south.

Is SNHU a legitimate school?

Yes, SNHU is a private, nonprofit, fully accredited institution. As a private university, we rely heavily on private donations, contributions, and tuition to provide nationally-recognized education for our students.

How do I contact SNHU?

Call 1-888-387-0861 or email [email protected]

Is C passing at SNHU?

Pass “P” and Satisfactory “S” Grades: Pass “P” and Satisfactory “S” grades are defined as a “C” or better at the undergraduate level and a “B” or better at the graduate level.

Is SNHU a degree mill?

SNHU is not a diploma mill. It is an accredited school with both online and on-campus programs and blended learning, too. Not every student who applies to SNHU graduates. On the other hand, all students who apply to diploma mills graduate, some of them even graduating with honors after paying extra.

Is SNHU a diploma mill?

How many terms a year is SNHU?

With 3 terms per year, you can enroll in a program when you’re ready to advance your career. Learn more about our application deadlines and start dates to keep your professional goals on track.

What grade is failing at Snhu?

If a W (Withdrawal) is not recorded within the specified times, then an F (Failing) grade is assigned.

What is considered failing at Snhu?

Unsuccessfully completed credits are defined through the assignment of a grade that constitute failure and non-earned credits which includes: F-Fail, U-Unsatisfactory, UF-Unearned F, and IF-Incomplete Fail. Successfully completed competencies completed are defined through the assignment of a Mastery (MA) grade.

Is it possible to have 2 Bachelor degrees?

Yes, you can get two bachelor’s degrees simultaneously. These are dual degree programs or double majors. This can either be two bachelor’s degrees or a bachelor’s and an advanced degree.