Where is the best fishing on the Norfolk Broads?

The Best Fishing Locations on the Norfolk Broads

  • Potter Heigham. If you want to fish for bream then Potter Heigham, on the river Thurne, is a good place.
  • Martham Broad.
  • Acle Bridge and Upton Dyke.
  • Salhouse Broad.
  • Horning.
  • Wroxham.
  • River Ant.
  • River Bure.

Can you fish anywhere on the Norfolk Broads?

There are several publicly accessible fishing platforms in the Broads area, and angling is also permitted from most Broads Authority 24 hour moorings unless stated otherwise. If angling on a Broads Authority mooring please remember: At moorings, anglers must always give way to boats wishing to moor.

Can I fish from boat on Norfolk Broads?

When considering fishing in the Norfolk Broads, hiring one of our cruisers is a great option as you can fish from your boat and offers keen anglers access to more remote fishing spots inaccessible on foot. There are also places where you can moor up and fish, as well as some great fishing platforms.

Is it free to fish the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads has lots of free fishing places and angling platforms along most of the river banks and of course, you can also fish from a boat. There are Private Broads that offer fishing by prior arrangement and Day Ticket Bank Fishing Spots.

Are there pike in the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are world-renowned for excellent pike fishing. Large pike up to 30lbs in weight have been caught on the rivers and broads, but their numbers are on the decline so good fishing practices are vital to protect and increase numbers.

Are there trout in the Norfolk Broads?

NDAA match organiser Tony Gibbons, who utilises the rivers Bure and Thurne, confirmed sea trout had turned up on these tidals and added: ‘We have seen them caught in the Broads Championship and at club level. ‘

When can I fish on the Broads?

What You Need To Fish On The Broads. The coarse fishing season runs from 16 June to 14 March and all you need to fish on the Norfolk Broads is a current Environment Agency license, available from post offices. Information on rod licenses, prices and fishing rules can be found by visiting www.gov.uk/fishing-licences.

Can you live bait on the Norfolk Broads?

Pike anglers on the Broads will be obliged to seek written permission to catch livebait from the Broads, boatyards and boat dykes.

When can you fish on Norfolk Broads?

How do you fish on the Norfolk Broads?

Suggested Tips for Fishing on the Norfolk Broads Make sure that your keepnet is secured properly to the bank or boat. Gently place the fish as quickly as possible; in a keepnet that is made of fish-friendly mesh. Only retain fish for the shortest time possible and only use a keepnet if necessary.

What is the fishing season on the Norfolk Broads?

The Open Fishing Season dates are: Coarse Fishing – From 16th June through to 14th March the following year. Please remember the closed season applies to the broads and rivers from 15th March – 15th June inclusive.

Where can I go fishing on the Norfolk Broads?

Waterside Breaks offers a wide range of waterside cottages and lodges which are ideal for Norfolk Broads fishing holidays with the luxury of fishing from your doorstep or close by. The Norfolk Broads has over 200 miles of rivers and inland waterways stocked full of species such as pike, perch, chub, bream, roach and tench.

How much does it cost to stay on the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads can be unbelievably beautiful in the winter – though it can get cold and we often get a sprinkling of snow in the heart of winter. In the off peak season our riverside rentals start at only £225 per week.

Why book a fishing holiday in Norfolk?

While this is a great way to enjoy fishing, there is something special about taking a break and getting away to one of the most beautiful regions of the UK for a fishing holiday in Norfolk. With over 200km of navigable waterways, the Broads offer a wide diversity of fresh water species including bream, roach, tench and perch.

Where are the best fishing spots in Norwich?

Bream, Roach, Hybrids and Eel can be found at Potter Heigham, Pike and Ruff in and around Wroxham as well as Hickling Broad, Perch in Ludham basin, Tench at Malthouse Broad and Sea Bass at Great Yarmouth Harbour. Some of the best urban free fishing for Roach and Perch can be had along the banks of the river Wensum in Norwich.