Where is the carpenter Breath of Fire 2?

Here we are. Three carpenters live in Capitan. One lives in a normal house to the east. The second dwells in one of the stilted houses, and a third lives in the left hand house with the minarets.

How do you get Bleu in BOF 2?

Bleu is the game’s hidden playable character, and recruiting her to the party is entirely optional. To have her join your party you must first go to Wisdon south east in the desert region which is accessible by either by whale, the Great Bird, or Township. Once in Wisdon, talk to the Wisps who will speak about Bleu.

Where is Hanz in Breath of Fire 2?

Hanz: (Recruited in the back room of the house next to Ryu’s in HomeTown.)

Is Patty a YUA?

While it is never overtly stated in the game’s original English translation, it is heavily implied that Patty is the teen-aged Yua. In the years since the game’s release, supplementary materials such as the Breath of Fire Official Complete Works, have confirmed that they are indeed the same character.

How old is Ryu in Breath of Fire?

The main protagonist is a 16-year-old boy named Ryu Bateson, who shares his name with the main character from the original Breath of Fire, who mysteriously finds himself alone in the world one day after his father and sister disappear and all townspeople in his village forget who he is.

When did Breath of Fire 3 release?

September 11, 1997Breath of Fire III / Initial release date

What does SHOT do in Breath of Fire 2?

Bow’s special battle ability is “Shot”, where he attempts to critically strike one enemy. The ability has very low accuracy, but guarantees an instant death attack if it connects.

Does Nina like Ryu?

Nina is a character in the Breath of Fire series. She is the lead female/heroine in every game except Breath of Fire II in which she shares the role with Katt, and serves as a love interest of Ryu; though the relationship between them is usually left ambiguous with strong implications.