Where is the tomb in Shantytown?

Chamber of Judgment | Optional Tombs: Shantytown Tomb Raider Guide. Note: You can explore this tomb as you go through the southern part of Shantytown. The entrance is located south-east of the windmill, right near the Windmill base camp (Liberator). You’ll spot it by the traditional white paintings.

How do you get past Shantytown in Tomb Raider?

Shoot/kill the enemies here and follow the route to the chopper. Once she heals and earns the Fire Arrows, she will need to engage the enemy. Ammo is plentiful (and respawns in earlier areas, so you can fast-travel to the Mountain Base and stock up), so use all your weapons to blast enemies.

What is the silencer challenge in Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Silencer challenge objective: Destroy four alarms with Pry Axe in the Shantytown.

How do you get out of the geothermal caverns in Tomb Raider?

Lara needs to climb around the captives’ cage and land on the next platform. Use the pry axe and open both valves on the ledge she’s on. Use a fire arrow to ignite both taps simultaneously (shoot from the side and blow both). This will set the crew free and Lara escapes to the mega battle known as the Solarii Fortress.

How do I get to the chopper in Tomb Raider?

Climb the Tower | 18: Get to the Chopper Walkthrough Tomb Raider Guide

  1. Make your way towards the closest wall and start going up.
  2. Keep running; you’ll have to use a horizontal beam to avoid falling.
  3. Leap over to an interactive edge, climb the beam and turn left.
  4. Leap over to the next interactive ledge, then jump again.

How do you get past Shipwreck beach in tomb Raider?

Use the Rope Ascender to rip the elevator gate off, then bring the lift down with the Pry Axe. Jump from the lift’s ledges to the climb-able rock wall and start climbing. Shipwreck Beach’s last few marked collectibles are found here and on the island with the water silo.

Where are the silencers in Tomb Raider?

Silencer 1 is on the platform where the alarm went off near Grim’s tower. After the battle, traverse the gap on the rope and drop onto the rooftop where all those cultists sniped Lara from.