Where is Yawar now?

Yawar “YawaR” Hassan is an American/Pakistani professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Quincy Crew.

Who is the captain of Quincy crew?


Quincy Crew
Created: 2018-08-29
Team Information
Captain: SVG
Manager(s): KBBQ

Why SumaiL is called King?

SumaiL has been fondly referred to as ‘The King’ by his fans since 2018 when he had returned to the mid lane after having played as Evil Geniuses’ offlaner for nearly six months.

Why is SumaiL removed from EG?

COVID made things much more difficult and forced us to adapt”. This indicates that the roster change which saw SumaiL getting replaced by Ceb, would have perhaps not have taken place if the current lockdowns weren’t forced by the ongoing pandemic.

Who is the brother of SumaiL?

YawaR HassanSumail / Brother

Is Quinn a Ccnc?

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan (formerly known as CC&C or CCnC) is an American professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Quincy Crew.

Who founded Quincy crew?

Quincy Crew is a Dota 2 team, based in the North America region. In September 2019, the famous midlane player Sumail, and his brother Yawar announced that they would team up with MSS, SVG and CCNC to form the team for the new DPC season.

What is Yawar’s career high for kills in a single game?

YawaR’s career high for kills in a single premium/professional game is ( 24 ). He achieved this feat while playing for Digital Chaos as Spectre against compLexity Gaming during Game 2 of the Lower Bracket Final of the Captain’s Draft 3.0 Qualifier.

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