Which is better Cerakote or black nitride?

The Traditions™ Performance Firearms barrel protected by Cerakote took 150x longer to show visible signs of corrosion than the barrel treated with Black Nitride Rust Proofing by CVA®. This test video shows that when corrosion protection matters, Cerakote outlasts and outperforms, making it the obvious choice.

Is DLC better than nitride?

Both are excellent finishes that are very hard, smooth and high performing. DLC outperforms nitride by about the same amount that nitride outperforms phosphate. This is on the basis of hardness and corrosion resistance. It is just a question of how much performance you want to pay for.

What’s better than Cerakote?

GunKote is the biggest competition for Cerakote; each have their own following for being “the best” firearm coating, and both are comparable when tested against corrosion, chemicals, and durability. KG Gunkote also has two series, the 2400 Series (Oven Cure), and the 1200 Air Cure Series.

What is Tenifer coating on guns?

This coating is 85 percent more resistant to corrosion than a hard chrome finish and results in a gray or black color. Austrian firearms manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H uses the Tenifer process on the slides and barrels of its handguns.

Is Cerakote the best finish for your gun?

An iron-clad Cerakote finish might be your choice if you have a multitude of wet, dirty conditions to deal with or want to add personality to your gun with customized color combinations. Whichever you choose, each will provide an insurance policy on your investment to keep that firearm as usable and valuable as it was the day you bought it.

Is Cerakote corrosion resistant?

Its corrosion resistance was proven by passing 500-hour salt exposure tests, so it’s a finish that handles just about anything. Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic composite that can be customized in a myriad of colors, offering excellent corrosion protection.

What is the difference between Cerakote and ceramic coating?

One works to help improve the durability and longevity of your gun while the other is used more exclusively to boost its appearance. Cerakote is a coating and finish hybrid that is ceramic-based. It can be applied to polymers, plastics, metals, and wood, and is often used to help improve the physical performance of firearms.