Which is the best MUN in India?

Dhirubhai Ambani International Model United Nations (DAIMUN) is one of the most prestigious Indian MUNs being affiliated to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) – the oldest and largest international MUN in the world, which has a consultative role within the real UN.

Is MUN for college students?

Model UN organizations have conferences that accommodate students, from elementary school, all the way to college or university levels.

Should I join Model UN?

Joining a Model UN team will give you the experience needed to be successful in your future academic life and career. The skills acquired during the MUN process will be invaluable. The places you go and the people you meet will leave lasting impressions. Model UN is unlike any other high school activity.

Is MUN a waste?

No, its NOT a waste of time. However, there are always exceptions, make sure you verify the organisers of the MUN before paying any fees for participation.

How can I join Model UN?

How do I register to participate in Model UNs? The United Nations does not organize Model UN conferences. Instead, search for local organizers online or through your school. You may also ask the United Nations Information Centre in your area for local opportunities and resources.

How do I prepare for my first MUN?

Read the Study Guide

  1. General background about the topic.
  2. Current issues relating to the topic.
  3. Relevant numbers and data (in good guides at least)
  4. Information about your UN committee.
  5. Block positions (not in every guide)
  6. Guiding questions (not in every guide)
  7. Further reading (not in every guide)

How do I join Model UN?

Who are eligible for MUN?

There is no eligibility for attending an MUN conference. You should be atleast 12 years to attend a MUN conference, even though there isnt any age criteria. You must know english, as its the language most people use as a medium.