Which nhl coach couldn t read?

On November 2, 2005, Demers released a biography, written by Mario Leclerc, entitled En toutes lettres (English translation: All Spelled Out), in which he revealed that he is functionally illiterate. According to Demers, he never really learned to read or write because of his abusive childhood in Montreal.

What did hockey coach Jacques Demers keep hidden for much of his life?

Only a few people knew about it. In the book, Demers describes how he finessed his way through most of his dealings by getting secretaries and media relations people to pen his correspondence for him. Even his wife Debbie only learned of his well-held secret after pestering him for days over unwritten cheques.

What happened to Jacques Demers?

Demers, unfortunately, can no longer stand since suffering a stroke two years ago. He was shown sitting motionless in a wheelchair with Serge Savard, the general manager of the 1993 team, standing beside him.

Is Jason Demers related to Jacques Demers?

TDC: Sharks defenseman Jason Demers is not related to the legendary coach and current Canadian Senator, though Jacques does have a son with the same name.

Who won the 93 Stanley Cup?

Montreal Canadiens1993 Stanley Cup Finals / Champion

Who are the coaches of the Detroit Red Wings?

Jeff BlashillDetroit Red Wings / Coach

Why is Jacques Demers in a wheelchair?

Two years have passed since Independent Senator Jacques Demers suffered two strokes that paralyzed half of his body, constraining his ability to move and speak.

How old is Jason Demers?

33 years (June 9, 1988)Jason Demers / Age

Who won the 1992 Stanley Cup?

Pittsburgh Penguins1992 Stanley Cup Finals / Champion

Did the Red Wings fire their coach?

The Detroit Red Wings fired head coach Jeff Blashill on Saturday afternoon after seven seasons. Blashill had been one of the longest tenured head coaches in the NHL up to the point of parting ways with the Red Wings, who have failed to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs in six straight seasons.

Who is Jacques Demers and the Montreal Canadiens?

@CanadiensMTL / canadiens.com MONTREAL – Jacques Demers was only on the job as head coach of the Canadiens for a few weeks when he began picturing his team hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Who is Senator John Demers and what did he do?

Senator Demers represented the Conservative Party in the Senate until December 2015 when he resigned from the Conservative caucus in order to sit as an Independent. On his 75th birthday on August 25th, 2019 Senator Demers left his position as Senator. Two of the franchises Demers coached in the WHA were the Chicago Cougars and the Quebec Nordiques.

What teams did Jim Demers coach in the WHA?

Two of the franchises Demers coached in the WHA were the Chicago Cougars and the Quebec Nordiques. Additionally, he was the exceedingly popular coach of the Indianapolis Racers, which won the Eastern Division championship under his guidance. Demers had the opportunity to coach Wayne Gretzky in the 1979 WHA All-Star Series.

What happened to Jason Demers in the NHL?

After an 0-5 start to the 1995-96 season, Demers was fired. While in Tampa Bay, he was responsible for guiding Vincent Lecavalier through his first two years in the NHL. He displayed a fatherly attitude toward the young star, often pulling him aside during practice to lecture him in their native French.