Who has 552 Commando in rainbow?

Logan Keller
The 552 Commando is unlocked by default in the Story Mode and Terrorist Hunt game modes. It appears as the standard issue assault rifle of Team Rainbow in the game. It is most notably seen being used by the main character Logan Keller.

What gun is the 552 Commando?

“SG” is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr (“assault rifle”). The rifle is based on the earlier 5.56×45mm NATO SIG SG 540….SIG SG 550.

SG 550
Barrel length SG 550: 528 mm (20.8 in) SG 551: 363 mm (14.3 in) SG 552 Commando: 226 mm (8.9 in) SG 553: 227 mm (8.9 in) SG 550 Sniper: 650 mm (25.6 in)

What is the best rifle in r6?

The AK-12 has long been, statistically, the best weapon in the game, and that’s by a pretty decent margin, too.

What is the most powerful gun in Rainbow Six Siege?

1 C8-SFW Rifle The C8-SFW has a high fire rate, reloads quickly, and deals more than average damage. However, it also has a lot of recoil, and you can’t attach grips to it. Even with these disadvantages, the C8-SFW is one of the strongest attacker weapons in Rainbow Six: Siege.

What is the best gun in Rainbow Six Vegas 2?

The 552 has the maximum damage allowed for an assault rifle in this game, as well as the highest penetration. While it suffers in accuracy when compared to the G3KA4, XM8, and L85A2, the 552’s well-rounded attributes make it the best assault rifle you can fit an ACOG to.

What operators have the G8A1?

The G8A1 is a German light machine gun featured in Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by IQ and Amaru.

How much is a SIG 553?

It has a barrel length of 8.9 inches, an overall (extended) length of 20.2 inches and a weight of 5.9 pounds without a magazine. The SG 553 pistol is available in limited quantities for $3,792.

What is a 552 round?

The Remington Model 552 Speedmaster is a blow-back operated, self-loading, semi-automatic rifle that can fire . 22 Short, . 22 Long and . 22 long rifle cartridges.

Who has the lowest recoil in R6?

[Top 10] R6 Best Recoil Guns That are Powerful

  • UZK50GI.
  • UMP45.
  • 9mm C1.
  • MPX.
  • FMG-9.
  • LMG-E.
  • AUG A2.
  • M249 Saw.

Who has the M870?

The M870 is a shotgun featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by the Defending Recruit, the GSG 9 Operators Jäger and Bandit and Garda Emergency Response Unit Operator Thorn.

What is Ash’s best gun?

Ash has the R4-C assault rifle and the G36C assault rifle. Both are surprisingly similar weapons with the same ammo capacity, but the G36C sacrifices fire rate and damage for recoil stability. That said, the G36C is better at short range, while the R4-C has the advantage for longer range.

What r6 gun has least recoil?

And generally, the guns that are easiest to control, but with a lot of fire power, are the best.

  • 9mm C1.
  • MPX.
  • FMG-9.
  • LMG-E.
  • AUG A2.
  • M249 Saw.
  • V308.
  • Spear . 308.