Who is Anna Lundberg?

Michael Sheen’s actress girlfriend Anna Lundberg shares what keeps the famous family ‘sane’ and her latest baby news. Welsh actor Michael Sheen has been with his partner Anna Lundberg since 2019. The couple announced on St David’s Day 2022 that they are expecting their second child together.

Who is Michael Sheen’s current partner?

Anna Lundberg (2019–)Michael Sheen / Partner
Sheen lives in Baglan with his partner, Swedish actress Anna Lundberg. In July 2019, Sheen announced that he and Lundberg were expecting their first child together. The couple’s daughter Lyra was born on 23 September 2019.

Is Michael Sheen in a relationship?

Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg have been dating since 2019 and the pair even starred alongside each other on BBC’s Staged. Anna is from Helsingborg in southern Sweden. The 27-year-old is based in New York with Michael and has previously starred in theatre plays such as Othello, Spring Awakening, and Gloria.

How did Michael Sheen meet his wife?

How did Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg meet? The pair announced they were together in May 2019, as Anna accompanied Sheen to the premiere of his Amazon Prime show, Good Omens, in which he starred alongside former Doctor Who star David Tennant once again.

Why did Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen break up?

Michael Sheen split from Rachel McAdams because they had ‘different visions for the future’. The ‘Midnight in Paris’ co-stars were reported to have ended their two-year romance earlier this week, and insiders say it is because the pair want different things from the future.

How old is Michael Sheen’s girlfriend Anna Lundberg?

Lundberg is a 27-year-old Swedish actress, a rep for Sheen confirmed to PEOPLE in July 2019.

Is Lucy Eaton actually Simon Evans sister?

LUCY EATON (who most recently starred with Michael Sheen and David Tennant in BBC’s Staged written by her brother Simon Evans) has launched the new theatre podcast series Hear Me Out.

Are Lucy Eaton and Simon Evans siblings?

Lucy: Except for the ‘blowing raspberries down Zoom’ scene, Staged One Lucy was thoroughly unlike myself. I’m nowhere near as serious, or as well-off! Simon and I are obviously brother and sister in real life, but our relationship is the polar opposite of the cold and awkward one audiences saw in the first series.

How long were Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen together?

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen have ended their relationship after two years together, it has been reported. The couple, who went public with their romance in October 2010, are said to have called time on their romance, according to.

Did they film Staged in Actors homes?

The episodes were all filmed, by necessity, inside the cast’s homes, and scenes were spliced with stock footage of the two main locations in London and Wales. Unlike some lockdown TV projects which have been borne forth on a wave of gratitude for the efforts made to keep calm and telly on, Staged is the real deal.