Who is the biggest psycho in Kerala?

K P “Ripper” Jayanandan (born 1968) is a serial killer from Thrissur (formerly Trichur) who is accused of seven murders committed during a span of 35 robberies, in and around Thrissur Ernakulam border areas.

What happened Ripper Chandran?

Ripper Chandran hunter retired cop Narayana Maniyani commits suicide.

Who is jolly in Kerala?

Nearly two years after Jolly Amma Joseph, the 49-year-old Kerala woman accused in the sensational Koodathayi serial murder case, was arrested in October 2019, her husband Shaju Zachariah sought a divorce.

Who is jolly?

A jolly person is happy and cheerful. She was a jolly, kindhearted woman.

Who is the serial killer in India?

Raman Raghav He ruthlessly killed people, including children, with a baton, smashing their skulls and breaking their jaws. It was 1968 and Raman was constantly evading the grip of the police. Finally, he was caught by sub-Inspector Alex Fialho. He confessed to 40 murders for which he was sentenced to life in prison.

Who is the biggest criminal in Indian history?

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim
Born Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar 26 December 1955 Khed, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Gangster criminal drug kingpin
Years active 1976–present

Are there serial killers in Kerala?

Motta Navas (born 1966) is a psychopathic serial killer who operated in the city of Kollam, Kerala, India between June and August 2012. Pavement dwellers were bludgeoned to death while they slept.

Where is Koodathai Jolly now?

Kozhikode district jail
Jolly Joseph is now in Kozhikode district jail. Here is a dossier of all the developments of the serial murders which State Police Chief Loknath Behra described as a “challenging probe”.

How many people were killed by Jolly?

six members
Jolly Joseph, who was arrested from Kerala’s Kozhikode, is accused of killing six members of her family between 2002 and 2016. Cops say she was planning more murders.