Who is the saint for May 4?

St Florian
May 4th (St Florian’s Day). May 4 is the feast day of St Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. St Florian was the first known commander of one firefighting squad in the Roman Empire.

What is st May the patron saint of?

1070 – May 15, 1130), was a Spanish farmworker known for his piety toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and of Madrid, El Gobernador, Jalisco and of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Who was St Richard Reynolds?

Richard Reynolds ( c. 1492 – 4 May 1535) was an English Bridgettine monk executed in London for refusing the Oath of Supremacy to King Henry VIII of England. He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970, among the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

What saints have feast days in May?


  • 1 May: Saint Joseph the Worker – Optional Memorial.
  • 2 May: Saint Athanasius, bishop and doctor of the Church – Memorial.
  • 3 May: Saints Philip and James, Apostles – Feast.
  • 10 May: Saint John of Ávila, priest and doctor of the Church – optional memorial.

Is there a saint Mae?

Dymphna is a Christian saint honoured in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions….Dymphna.

Saint Dymphna
Attributes crown, sword, lily, lamp

When was St Richard Reynolds born?

Saint Richard Reynolds O. Ss. S, was a Bridgettine monk of Syon Abbey, founded in Twickenham by Henry V. He was born in Devon in 1492, educated at Corpus Christi, Cambridge, and joined the Abbey in 1513, and was the only English monk well-versed in the three principal languages of Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

What happened on May 4 1970?

The History of May 4 The tragic events of May 4, 1970, had a profound impact on Kent State University, the nation and the world.

What happened on May 4th?

The protesters, led by the May 4 Task Force but also including community members and local clergy, were attempting to prevent the university from erecting a gymnasium annex on part of the site where the shootings had occurred seven years earlier, which they believed would obscure the historical event.

What happened at the Lincoln Memorial on May 9 1970?

Karnow further documented that at 4:15 a.m. on May 9, 1970, the president met about 30 student dissidents conducting a vigil at the Lincoln Memorial, whereupon Nixon, “treated them to a clumsy and condescending monologue, which he made public in an awkward attempt to display his benevolence.”