Who owns Pax technologies?

PAX Global Technology Limited
PAX Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAX Global Technology Limited, a global leader in the provision of secure electronic payment systems and Point-of-Sale (POS) software.

What does PAX Technology do?

PAX Technology is a Chinese manufacturer of payment terminals, PIN pads, and point of sale hardware and software. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (code 00327) and operates globally.

Where is Pax Technologies located?

Shenzhen, China
PAX Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with offices located the world. PAX is a publicly quoted company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (code 0327).

What is the PAX terminal?

PAX Global Technology provides payment terminals that are used to process millions of transactions in stores worldwide. According to the company, it has supplied 57 million terminals to more than 120 countries.

Who is the CEO of Pax labs?

Adam Cahan – Chief Executive Officer – PAX Labs, Inc.

What is a Pax card?

PAX Global Technology is an electronic funds transfer point-of-sale (EFT-POS) terminal solutions provider. PAX develops state of the are EFT-POS terminal products and pin pads.

What happened with PAX terminals?

On October 26th it was reported that PAX Global (OTCPK:PXGYF) had been hacked. The web-connected Point-of-Sale payment processing terminals produced by PAX and installed in US and EU stores would have been used both as “droppers” of malware and as “command and control” devices to gather information for the attackers.

How much is Pax Labs worth?

$1.7 billion
Pax Labs, the popular vape maker, has today confirmed the close of a $420 million equity round, including from existing investors Tiger Global Management and Tao Capital Partners, and new investors including Prescott General Partners.

Can I put tobacco in Pax?

It’s the Pax, a $250 electronic cigarette replacement from a young company called Ploom. Out in August of this year, the Pax accepts any loose leaf tobacco (or recreational herb), and within 30 seconds, transforms it into a puffable, smokeless vapor.

How do you void on Pax A80?

Step 1. From the idle screen, select the transaction type Void Sale. Step 2. Input the original transaction number, and then select Confirm.