Who played bass on Sandinista?

When recording began in New York, bass guitarist Paul Simonon was busy making a film called Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, and he was replaced briefly by Ian Dury and the Blockheads bassist Norman Watt-Roy; this later caused some bad feeling when Watt-Roy and keyboard player Mickey Gallagher, a fellow …

Did Paul Simonon play bass on sandinista?

Simonon played bass on almost all of the Clash’s songs. Recordings that he did not play on include: “The Magnificent Seven” and “Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)” on Sandinista! (played by Norman Watt-Roy), “Rock the Casbah” on Combat Rock (played by Topper Headon), and Cut the Crap (played by Norman Watt-Roy).

Who played bass on rock the casbah?

Finding himself in the studio without his three bandmates, Headon progressively taped the drum, piano and bass parts, recording the bulk of the song’s musical instrumentation himself.

What bass does Norman Watt-Roy play?

Bombay-born and London-bred, Norman Watt-Roy has forged a fearsome reputation, both live and in on record, as one of the world’s all-time great bass players….The Personal Touch.

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Why did Paul Simonon smashing his bass?

Simonon explained in a 2011 interview that he smashed his Fender Precision Bass out of frustration when the bouncers at the concert wouldn’t let audience members stand up – The Palladium had fixed seating – making for a far more demure, dull atmosphere than the London punks were accustomed to.

Who was the Clash bassist?

Paul SimononThe Clash / Bassist

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Who owns Sid Vicious bass guitar?

Steve Jones owns Sid’s bass, so if you see one on e-bay, don’t buy it. Yes the sunburst would be considered a “hippie” bass.

Why is there a phone ringing in Rock the Casbah?

I believe the sound you hear in “Rock the Casbah” comes from an old 80’s digital watch that plays “Dixie”. Melody Alarm Armitron Chrono 40-6207. I used to own one in the 80’s and I used to try to make my watch go off to match the song.

Who was the bass player with Ian Dury?

Norman Joseph Watt-Roy
Norman Joseph Watt-Roy (born 15 February 1951) is an English musician, arranger and composer. Watt-Roy’s music career spans more than 40 years. He came to prominence in the late 1970s, during the punk and new wave era of rock music as the bass player for Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

When did Wilko join the Blockheads?

In 1980, Johnson joined Ian Dury’s band, The Blockheads. Around 1984 he then re-formed The Wilko Johnson Band, joined by Blockhead bassist Norman Watt-Roy and Italian born drummer Salvatore Ramundo.

Did Paul Simonon use a pick?

Technique wise, he is a forceful player, digging in with his thumb or using a pick to get a sharp, bright attack. This assertive style of playing drives the band and combined with the grittier tone of an overdriven Precision, The Clash is able to stand on the shoulders of Simonon’s groove.