Who really wrote Matrix?

Lana Wachowski
Lilly Wachowski
The Matrix/Screenplay

Where is Sophia Stewart now?

Salt Lake City
‘ MOORE: Sophia Stewart is a native New Yorker who now lives in Salt Lake City. She works as a paralegal, but her passion is writing. She says she was sitting in a movie theater six years ago and was shocked as “The Matrix,” starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, played out on the big screen.

When was Sophia Stewart born?

5 March 1908

Sophie Stewart
Born Sophia Lyal Drummond Stewart5 March 1908 Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Died 6 June 1977 (aged 69) Cupar, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Ellis Irving (m. 1939-1977)

Was The Matrix movie Stolen?

It’s official: The Matrix trilogy had nothing to do with Nazis. On Monday, Warner Bros., Andy and Lana Wachowski and Joel Silver won summary judgment in defense of a lawsuit that contended that the Keanu Reeves starrer was stolen. The lawsuit came from Thomas Althouse in California federal court in 2013.

Was Matrix based on a book?

Neuromancer by William Gibson This is the book that inspired The Wachowskis when they were making The Matrix. It was William Gibson’s iconic cyberpunk novel that gave the word “matrix” that has now entered the geek vocabulary.

Is The Matrix true?

While The Matrix movie franchise is decidedly fiction, some criminal suspects have used the metaphysical concepts put forth in the films to try to justify their crimes, and in doing so, have turned courtrooms into a cinematic arena of their own. This post originally appeared on Oxygen.com. It was written by Gina Tron.

Who was Sophia Stuart?

Born to Frederick V of the Palatinate, a member of the House of Wittelsbach, and Elizabeth Stuart, in 1630, Sophia grew up in the Dutch Republic, where her family had sought refuge after the sequestration of their Electorate during the Thirty Years’ War….Sophia of Hanover.

Mother Elizabeth Stuart
Religion Calvinism

Was Matrix originally a book?

In the Early eighties, Sophia Stewart wrote an copyrighted original epic science fiction book and script called The Third Eye Matrix. That body of work was later adapted to the screen as the Matrix and Terminator Movies Series and Trilogy.

Are Terminator and Matrix connected?

‘Terminator’ is essentially a ‘Matrix’ prequel.

Is The Matrix based on a true story?

It’s a strange admission, but the plot detail is actually based on a true story. According to Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers confirmed a Matrix reboot back in 2017 and was originally going to hire Marvels writer Zak Penn to work on a treatment before Lana Wachowksi agreed to get involved.