Who was in the 2006 Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother 2006 cast then and now – what are Chantelle Houghton, Jodie Marsh and Dennis Rodman doing now? THE Celebrity Big Brother cast of 2006 were one of the most infamous to date, featuring the likes of Chantelle Houghton, Preston and Jodie Marsh.

Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2005?

It launched on 6 January 2005 and ended on 23 January 2005, airing on Channel 4. Davina McCall returned as host of the main show. The series continued with Big Brother 5’s ‘evil’ theme….Celebrity Big Brother (British series 3)

Celebrity Big Brother
No. of housemates 9
Winner Bez
Runner-up Kenzie

Is there a Celebrity Big Brother?

Essentially, Celebrity Big Brother is the same game as CBS’ long-running Big Brother reality series, but this time with a group of celebrities living together with cameras recording them 24 hours a day and competing to send each other home.

Who won Celebrity BB 3?

champion Miesha Tate
Former UFC champion Miesha Tate is the winner of the third season of Celebrity Big Brother USA. Tate was awarded the win by a landslide 7 to 1 vote.

Who was in Big Brother 2005?

The series launched on Channel 4 on 27 May 2005 and ended on 12 August 2005, lasting 78 days – the fifth longest British edition of Big Brother to date….Big Brother (British series 6)

Big Brother
No. of days 78
No. of housemates 16
Winner Anthony Hutton
Runner-up Eugene Sully

Who was in Big Brother 2008?

Big Brother 9 was the ninth series of Big Brother which aired on Channel 4 and E4. The series was launched on 5 June 2008, and ran for 13 weeks until 5 September 2008. The winner of the series was Rachel Rice, who beat bookies’ favourite Michael Hughes in the final vote with 51.3%.

Who won Big Brother in 2006?

Pete Bennett
The series launched on Channel 4 on 18 May 2006 and ended on 18 August 2006, lasting 93 days – the joint-second longest British edition of Big Brother to date (together with the ninth and tenth series, and one day shorter than the eighth series)….Big Brother (British series 7)

Big Brother
No. of housemates 22
Winner Pete Bennett
Runner-up Glyn Wise

Who is the winner of Big Brother 2007?

Shilpa ShettyCelebrity Big Brother / Winner