Who was Naksh married to in YRKKH?

After a lot of drama, Keerti will finally get married to Naksh. In Naitik’s absence Naira will take full responsibility of the wedding ceremony. Watch the video to know more about Keerti and Naksh’s wedding.

Who is Naksh first wife in YRKKH?

Later, Naksh also loses his mother Akshara, and falls into depression. After his sister’s marriage to Kartik Goenka, he marries Kartik’s sister Keerti. However, their marriage is an arranged alliance, and they learn to love each other, much like his parents, Akshara and Naitik.

Who is GAYU marry in YRKKH?

Gayatri, or Gayu, is the daughter of Rashmi Desai, the sister of Naitik. She is born to Rashmi shortly after she separates from her husband Nikhil. She is named after her late grandmother, Gayatri Singhania. Rashmi later marries Sameer Desai, and he fathers Gayatri.

How many times Kartik got married in YRKKH?

After months of drama, ups, and downs in the show, Kartik and Naira married for the fourth time.

Did Naksh and Tara get married?

Akshara and family organizes for Naksh’s baraat ceremony and takes baraat in tractor. Naksh and family gets a warm welcome from Tara’s family and performs all rituals. Naksh is happy to get married to love of his life Tara and dances in his baraat.

Is Naksh married to Tara?

We had already reported about the upcoming leapin Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and Tara not getting married to Naksh. In the previous episodes, we saw the grand wedding preparations of Naksh and Tara. Just when everything was going on well, Naksh gets to see the marriage contract papers.

Who is Rashmi in YRKKH?

Neha Saroopa is an Indian Famous Actress who plays the role of Rashmi Singhania in Star Plus Popular Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH).

What happens to Rashmi and Nikhil in YRKKH?

He is shocked and tells Karishma that Nikhil has sent divorce papers to Rashmi. They decide and go back home. The doctor treats Rashmi and says she is fine now, she took stress.

How many times Kaira got divorced?

As for divorce, it has happened twice, and the second one got Ye Rishta… more than 8 MILLION impressions, so I mean their relationship isn’t working but the show definitely is.

How many times Kaira married?

So, this was all six marriages of Kaira, now Kaira will ever do more marriages, it only future tells, untill then stay connected with us for more updates.

Why did Tara and Naksh marriage broke?

Naksh-Tara parts away Naksh is upset knowing that Tara doesn’t trust him and refuses to sit on mandap. Naksh wants to talk to Tara about it and they gets into arguments. Naksh and Tara breaks this marriage and ends up their relationship.

Why Naksh and Tara break up?

But Naksh gets annoyed at Tara, as he feels that she insulted his family although they supported her in every way. Tara, who was initially ready to sort out things, feels she is done with it, as she was insulted by both the families. She breaks up with Naksh and runs away.