Who was the first Prime in Transformers?

Prima. Prima, also known as Prima Prime is the first ever Transformer in history. Created by Primus, he was appointed as the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt.

Is Optimus Prime the weakest Prime?

Despite different approaches to the characters throughout the history of the franchise, we can conclude that Optimus Prime is stronger than Megatron and would defeat him in a fight, as he did on so many occasions before.

Is Hot Rod a Prime?

Marvel Comics continuity In some splinter timelines Hot Rod went on to become Rodimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, and took part in further battles against Unicron and his minion Galvatron, albeit with mixed results.

Who is Sentinel Prime mentor?

Optimus Prime’s
Sentinel Prime (or Backstab-inel Prime) is a very patriotic individual, believing that all Cybertronians are Gods. He is a member of the Dynasty of Primes. He was Optimus Prime’s mentor, who taught him everything he knew. Before he left Cybertron in the Ark, he handed leadership of the Autobots to Optimus Prime.

Who becomes Prime after Optimus?

After Optimus Prime’s first death in 1986, it was the young Hot Rod who was chosen to succeed the fallen leader; Hot Rod opened the Matrix of Leadership and became Rodimus Prime.

What is Generation 1 of the Transformers?

For the franchise that it contains which is often now called “Generation 1”, see The Transformers (franchise). The Generation 1 continuity family is the biggest, oldest, and longest-running continuity family in the Transformers canon.

How many Decepticons were in the first generation of Transformers?

The toys of Generation 1 have seven series by year. The first series features twenty-eight characters in all; eighteen Autobots and ten Decepticons. Optimus Prime is the Autobot Commander and transforms into a tractor trailer truck – specifically a Freightliner COE 1980.

What is the Transformers GT?

A continuity set in a universe where the Great War has evolved into the Transformers GT, a series of friendly races held between the Autobots and Decepticons .

How many episodes are in Transformers Prime season 1?

Season One of Transformers: Prime consists of twenty-six episodes which are 22 minutes long. Following Megatron’s supposed death, Starscream assumes leadership of the Decepticons. However, Megatron is found barely alive in the wreckage of the Space Bridge, and returns to power after a long period in stasis.