Who won against John Cena vs The Rock?

The Rock
John Cena Results: Highlights, Recap and Review. The Rock returned to his rightful place atop the WWE with a resounding victory over John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday night in Miami, turning a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity into a second chance at superstardom.

Did Cena beat Rock at WrestleMania?

WrestleMania 29 in 2013 was main evented by John Cena beating The Rock for the WWE Championship, one year on for their WrestleMania XXVIII match.

Who is the strongest in wrestling?

Mark Henry is known as The World’s strongest man in WWE. He is an ex- Olympic weightlifter who broke many records in weightlifting and powerlifting. One of Henry’s most impressive feats of strength was his ability to pull two tractor traitors.

Who is the best wrestler in the world?

Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers of All Time

  • Steve Austin. Steve Austin, also known as cold stone, is considered the best professional wrestler ever.
  • The Undertaker.
  • The Rock.
  • John Cena.
  • Roman Reigns.
  • Kevin Owens.
  • Cesaro.
  • Seth Rollins.

Who can beat Rock in WWE?

10 Mick Foley Foley was the perfect face to feud with Rock during Rock’s time as the leader of The Corporation. The clean wins for Foley helped him get over at the highest level. Foley reached the tier with Rock and Steve Austin when scoring clean victories over Rock.

Is John Cena more popular than the rock?

john Cena is less popular because people can’t see him! JOHN CENA AND THE ROCK ARE ONE OF THE BEST IN RING PERFORMER IN WWE HISTORY.THEY BOTH CARRY THEIR OWN LEGACY. As per popularity is concerned, THE ROCK has more popularity than JOHN CENA, as THE ROCK became a Hollywood actor and afterwards a biggest superstar.

Who won the match between the rock and John Cena?

John Cena shocked the world Sunday night at WrestleMania 29 by defeating The Rock for the WWE Championship in the main event of the company’s biggest show of the year.

Did John Cena beat up the rock?

Not only did The Miz win the main event of a WrestleMania, but he beat John Cena. Yes, The Rock interfered, and Miz didn’t win cleanly, but that doesn’t matter. The Miz defeated John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. At one time, there wasn’t a more popular wrestler than Dolph Ziggler.

Can John Cena beat the ‘Undertaker’?

John Cena challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam and despite working his hardest, was unable to beat the Tribal Chief for the title. He has also not been seen on WWE television since the SummerSlam encounter with the Tribal Chief.