Why are fistulas common in Africa?

Obstetric fistula most commonly occurs in poor, rural areas of Africa and Asia where the women affected live in dirt-floor dwellings and lack access to running water and incontinence pads. Under these circumstances, a woman with fistula faces devastating physical and psychological consequences.

Who runs fistula Hospital Ethiopia?

Mr. Amare Desta
The centre is managed by public health professional Mr. Amare Desta. At present, doctors from Addis Ababa travel to the centre to perform surgery on patients. Two nursing sisters and ten nurses’ aides, trained at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, make up the team at the Yirgalem Hamlin Fistula Centre.

Where is the fistula hospital?

Addis Ababa
It is in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It is the only hospital of its kind in the world dedicated exclusively to women with obstetric fistula (a condition common in the developing world where the maternal health provisions are poor), and it treats all patients free of charge.

What is fistula in Ethiopia?

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a registered charitable organisation in Ethiopia dedicated to the treatment and prevention of childbirth injuries called obstetric fistulas.

What is the main cause of fistula?

Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection that starts in an anal gland. This infection results in an abscess that drains spontaneously or is drained surgically through the skin next to the anus. The fistula then forms a tunnel under the skin and connects with the infected gland.

How many hospitals are in Addis Ababa?

The Addis Ababa city health administration is divided in to 10 administrative zones and has the facility of 5 public and 25 private hospitals.

What did Catherine Hamlin do?

Dr Catherine Hamlin was a pioneering Australian surgeon whose work for women with obstetric fistula in Ethiopia continued uninterrupted for more than half a century. No other woman, or man, has done as much to eradicate this preventable, debilitating condition and give these women back their lives.

What is the meaning of obstetric fistula?

Obstetric fistula is a hole in the birth canal caused by obstructed labour.

Who is the first female doctor in Ethiopia?

Widad Kidanemariam

Country Physician Year began practice
Ethiopia Widad Kidanemariam c. 1960s
Gambia Kinneh Sogur
Ghana Susan Ofori-Atta 1949
Ivory Coast Christiane Welffens-Ekra c. 1975

Which oil is best for fistula?

Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial, antiviral, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it one of the best home remedies for fistula. Its healing power has given it a place of importance among many medicinal and wellness products. You can use tea tree oil as a natural ointment.