Why did Nuttin But Stringz break up?

But the brothers quarreled over musical direction, and Nuttin’ But Stringz dissolved in 2012. “I think both of us wanted to walk away at that point,” Escobar says. “You spend 10 years in a group with someone, you change over those 10 years. We started as kids, up until the point we were men.

What does Nuttin But Stringz?

Nuttin’ But Stringz, also known as N.B.S., consisted of the duo Tourie and Damien Escobar who both play violin. The musicians from Jamaica, Queens played a blend of classical music, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B.

What was the relationship between the two musicians in Nuttin But Stringz?

Nuttin’ But Stringz, consisting of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, began studying violin at ages 8 and 7 respectively, and eventually studied at the Juilliard School.

What instrument does Damien Escobar play?

Damien Escobar (born 1986), also known as Dame Esco, is an American violinist. He was previously in the duo Nuttin’ But Stringz with his brother Tourie, but has been a solo artist since 2012.

Was black violin on America’s got talent?

Brian King Joseph was an electric violinist act from Season 13 of America’s Got Talent. He finished the competition in 3rd place. Brian returned for AGT: The Champions 2 where he was eliminated in the Preliminaries in the Judges’ Choice.

How did Damien Escobar get his start?

In 2003, they began playing professionally under the name Nuttin’ But Stringz. In 2005, Nuttin’ But Stringz won a talent contest at the Apollo Theater. In 2006, Escobar appeared in the film Step Up. Nuttin’ But Stringz took third place in the 2008 season of America’s Got Talent.

Who is the best kid violinist in the world?

| Got Talent Global. Watch kid violinist Tyler Butler Figueroa on America’s Got Talent 2019, as he amazes Simon Cowell and the judges with his amazing violin talent.

What are black violin shows all about?

Black Violin is composed of classically trained violist and violinist Wil Baptiste and Kev Marcus who combine their classical training and hip-hop influences to create a distinctive multi-genre sound that is often described as “classical boom” to overcome stereotypes and encourage people of all ages, races, and …

What happened to violin guy on AGT?

Brian King Joseph’s Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1310 consisted of playing Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This” on the electric violin. His performance was strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals instead of NUNNABOVE and Street Drum Corps.