Why does Hans Moleman look old?

Although apparently elderly, Hans Moleman once claimed that he was only 31 years old (his driver’s license says he was born August 2, 1921), but due to his heavy drinking, he appears much older. However, this was wrong, most likely due to a combination of an error on his license and a mixture of old age and drinking.

Is Hans Moleman human?

Hans Moleman (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is a very old man living in Springfield who has a tendency of getting involved in serious accidents that either leave him severely injured or kill him, but he always returns to the series (and because of that, some viewers refer to him as the Kenny McCormick of The Simpsons).

Who is the saddest Simpsons character?

HANS MOLEMAN. Hans Moleman is perpetually one of the most put-upon characters in Springfield, which is really saying something given how poorly things go for pretty much everyone in the series.

Did Hans Moleman get executed?

3 He Gets Executed In one of the darkest things to ever happen to Moleman, he is on death row. Reverend Lovejoy is there to console him while Homer eats his last meal. Distraught, he tells the Reverend who only offers “if this is the worst thing that happens to you today, consider yourself lucky.”

What is wrong with Hans moleman?

He was officially introduced as a speaking, unlucky character in the episode “Principal Charming”; however, his driver’s license listed his name as “Ralph Melish”. He has cataracts and is almost entirely blind (which has severely impaired his reading ability).

Where does Ron The Mole Man live?

Western Pennsylvania
In the inspirational documentary Mole Man, Ron Heist is 66 years old, autistic and a gifted craftsman living in Western Pennsylvania. He spends his days building an intricate, 50-room, maze-like structure made of found materials in his parents’ backyard.

Did Hans moleman get executed?

Who Shot Mr Burns Hans moleman?

Burns is shot by an unidentified assailant. In Part Two, Springfield’s police try to find the culprit, with their main suspects being Waylon Smithers and Homer Simpson; Maggie is revealed as the assailant.

How many times has Moleman died?

Moleman has been killed many times over the course of The Simpsons (a fan site puts the number at 26) and in a flamboyant variety of ways.