Why does the Army call the Sun Bob?

BOB – the sun. Stands for Big Orange Ball.

What is a skinny in military terms?

If someone offers to give you “the skinny” on something, they’re revealing some secret information. This last, informal meaning stems from military slang during World War II, probably from the idea of “naked,” or undisguised, truth. Definitions of skinny.

What does 40 rounds mean in the army?

The crest is the badge of the XV Corps during the Civil War, with the phrase “40 Rounds” being a reference to the quick response a XV Corps Soldier gave when asked to display his Corps’ badge, tapping his ammo box as he said it.

What does �Foxtrot� mean in the military?

Moreover, what does Foxtrot mean in the military? Alpha Mike Foxtrot. (Infantry) “Adios Mother Fucker” abbreviated using the phonetic alphabet. When used in garrison it is a friendly farewell. When used in combat situations it generally means that the person on the other end of the barrel is being wished a not-so-kind farewell.

What is an E4 in the Army?

What Is E4 in the Army? 1 Federal E-4 Pay Grade. The pay grade of E-4 in the U.S. Army represents an enlisted soldier with increased expertise and lower-level management responsibilities. 2 Rank of U.S. Army Corporal. 3 Rank of U.S. Army Specialist 4. 4 Pay and Benefits. All U.S.

How many code Foxtrot military are there?

The total Code Foxtrot Military are consisted of 26 code– for each and every of the 26 usual Latin alphabets. They function as communication devices that not just recognized or can be utilized by Military members but likewise private people to avoid errors in spelling when communicating over gadgets such as phones.

What is a Charlie Foxtrot?

In the NATO phonetic alphabet, Charlie is used for the letter C and Foxtrot, the letter F. That makes the compound clusterfuck a Charlie Foxtrot. Charlie Foxtrot begins as a euphemism in 196os US military slang for a poorly-managed operation during the Vietnam War. Click to see full answer.