Why is Chun-Li good in Third Strike?

Chun Li is a defensive God. Her moves are damaging and she has one of the best Super Arts in the game, and multiple ways to combo into it. Her moves are quick, have great priority and do nice damage, so she wins out on a lot of poke situations.

Who is the best fighter in Street Fighter 3?

Tiers for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

# Character Score
1 Chun-Li 118.6
2 Yun 118.3
3 Ken 109.0
4 Makoto 106.9

Does Chun-Li like Ryu?

Ryu and Chun-Li do have feelings for each other, but he is too obsessed with his training to commit to a relationship. It doesn’t help that she is still determined to get revenge for her father’s murder.

What does Chun-Li eat?

Chun-Li makes a cameo in Final Fight 2, where she can be found eating ramen in the first stage.

How powerful is Chun-Li?

Street Fighter’s Chun-Li has proven that she’s powerful enough to go up against some seriously tough opponents, and win. Her incredible martial arts prowess is supplemented with some potent mystical abilities and one truly bone-crushing lightning kick. In a battle of skill, few can match what she’s got.

Who can defeat Chun-Li?

6 Win: Psylocke The greatest threat to Chun-Li would be Psylocke’s Psychic (or Psionic) Knife, which directly attacks the target’s mind and disrupts the body’s neurons.

Is Chun Li in Street Fighter 3?

However Chun-Li appears in fewer Street Fighter series games than Ryu and Ken (both debuting in the game prior to her debut as well as appearing in the first two installments of the Street Fighter III series, Chun-Li not appearing until the third installment, except for a cameo appearance in Ryu’s stage).

Who is the best character in Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike?

Known in some circles as “The Bee-otch!” because of how frustrating she is to play against. Chun Li has been regarded as top tier character for a long time in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, but recently she’s overtaken Yun for the top spot overall in most player’s minds.

Is there a Street Fighter 3 3rd impact?

Sutorīto Faitā Ⅲ Sādo Sutoraiku?) is the third installment of the Street Fighter III series, released in 1999. A sequel to Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, it continues the series’ use of the parry system, command grabs, and overhead attacks.

Is Shin in Street Fighter 3rd Strike?

He is a regular character in 3rd Strike while his “Shin” version was removed, though in the arcade game this version is present as a near-complete character, including a recolored stage. Voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike . The lead character of the Street Fighter III games.