Are drug watches reliable?

A Trusted Source. Drugwatch has been a trusted resource for consumers since 2009. Our website is a HONCode (Health On the Net Foundation) certified site, which means we provide high-quality health information from credible sources, such as peer-reviewed medical journals.

What is the best drug reference app?

Drug Reference Apps

  • Dynamed Mobile. FREE (iOS, Android) via Research Medical Library subscription.
  • LexiComp Mobile. FREE (iOS, Android) via MD Anderson subscription.
  • Medscape. FREE (iOS, Android).
  • Micromedex Mobile.
  • Mobile PDR.
  • Natural Medicines Database.
  • UpToDate Anywhere.

What’s the best drug app?

From drug information to patient education, these apps can help you be better at everything that you do.

  1. Epocrates.
  2. Pocket Pharmacist.
  3. CDC Vaccine Schedules.
  4. Medication Guide.
  5. Merck Manual Professional.
  6. Lexicomp.
  7. [email protected] Express.

How do you check drug interactions?

– genes, – physiology, – age, – lifestyle (diet, exercise), – underlying diseases, – drug doses, – the duration of combined therapy, and – the relative time of administration of the two substances (Sometimes, interactions can be avoided if two drugs are taken at different times).

How to check for drug interactions?

Before starting any new prescription drug or over-the-counter drug,talk to your primary health care provider or pharmacist.

  • Make sure to read the patient information handout given to you at the pharmacy.
  • Check the labels of your medications for any warnings and look for the “Drug Interaction Precaution.” Read these warnings carefully.
  • What drugs cause drug interactions?

    Some of the common and well-known drug-drug interactions are listed below: 1. Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (ACE) inhibitors and Potassium Supplements ACE inhibitors: ACE inhibitors are used to control blood pressure, and treat heart failure and early kidney disease. Examples include benazepril, lisinopril and enalapril

    Does clopidogrel interact with other medications?

    Medications known to have serious interactions with clopidogrel oral. Brand Names Include: Plavix Oral. All generic drug interactions for clopidogrel oral (lists will include brand and generic names): 1 contraindicated drug interaction. 240 significant drug interactions. 11 minor drug interactions.