Are motoro stingrays venomous?

Although the stingray does have a poisonous stinger the stingray is a very gentle and peaceful animal. The sting it delivers is a painful one, but the motoro is definitely not aggressive toward humans. The primary use of its stinger is in self-defense.

How big does a motoro stingray get?

However, the Motoro is a large species and can grow up to 36 inches in diameter.

How big of a tank does a motoro stingray need?

A 75 or 90 gallon aquarium can be used for juvenile stingrays, but nothing smaller than a 180 gallon aquarium should be considered for keeping adults long term.

How much do motoro stingrays cost?

Popular breeds include the Motoro and the teacup stingray which cost $100 to $200.

What do you feed a motoro stingray?

Motoro Stingray’s can be feed a variety of different meaty foods including: beef heart, fish flesh, earth worms, krill, blood worms, table shrimp, clams and small fish like minnows, silversides or similar feeder fish.

What do you feed a Motoro stingray?

How long do Motoro stingrays live?

Motoro Stingray Lifespan If properly cared for in terms of water parameters, they can live as long as 20 years. Although they are hardy, their longevity depends on the long term water conditions. On average, they are known to live up to 15 years in captivity.

How long do motoro stingrays live?

Is a motoro stingray right for You?

Motoro stingray is one of the most popular representatives of the kind among the aquarists. Many of them get very surprised when they find out that some rays dwell in freshwaters. Freshwater rays are rather clever, and they can interact with humans. You can even train them to hand-feed. Nevertheless, motoro stingray is not for everyone.

What is the scientific name of the motoro stingray?

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021) Motoro stingray or ocellate river stingray, scientific namePotamotrygon motorois, without doubt, one of the most well-known and popular freshwater rays. Motoro Stingray profile

What is a Potamotrygon motoro stingray?

Motoro stingray or ocellate river stingray, scientific name Potamotrygon motoro is, without doubt, a popular freshwater ray. Skip to content Primary Menu Skip to content Home About Affiliate Disclaimer Contact Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Menu SeaFish Fish Blog Motoro Stingray – Facts | String | Size | Diet | Traits | Lifespan

Can you feed motoro stingray meat?

The motoro stingray can’t properly digest some of the lipids that this meat contains, and this may cause excessive lipopexia and even some organs necrosis. Also, there is no use it feeding it with some edible fish, such as livebearers or small goldfish.